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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Religious · #2248092
Tilly Anne saves a life.
Make The Call

Andrea Logan was reading her emails when she was startled by the frantic ringing of her doorbell. Putting the phone in her pocket, Andrea went to her condo door and peered through the peephole. At first, there didn’t seem to be anyone there!
“That’s funny!”
As she was turning away, a voice shouted through the door.
“Call the police!”
Andrea opened the door to the length of the security chain. There stood the shortest old lady she’d ever seen!
“What’s going on?” Andrea asked.
“They’re at it again! This time he’ll kill her!”
Andrea turned and went to her coffee table. She unlocked a drawer and took out her service weapon. While returning to the door, she punched 911.
“Show me where,” she said.
She was led to the end of the hall. Andrea knocked on the door. A woman’s battered face looked past the safety chain.
“Are you all right, neighbor?”
The woman nodded. Then Andrea noticed her hand. It was forming the universal sign for “Help me.”
Andrea raised her revolver. With a kick, she broke the chain. As she did, the sound of pounding footsteps echoed down the hall.
Andrea stood aside as a phalanx of uniforms pushed past her. The noises of a scuffle followed, then the patrolmen reappeared at the door, a musclebound man in cuffs between them. The woman appeared at the open door after they had left.
“I know first aid, why don’t you come to my place. It’s down the hall. I can help you with those wounds.”
Taking her arm to steady her, Andrea guided the battered woman to her place and led her inside.
Tilly Anne watched and smiled.
“At least I saved one this time! Thanks for the chance, Gabriel!” she whispered as she looked heavenward.

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