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Every one of us can give more love than we take but, do we want to.
There is a concept...
A perfect dynamo.
Getting more out, than goes in.
So simple...yet so complex.
Requiring only two people,
Who, with the right attitude and belief,
Can produce endless amounts of energy,
With no waste or emissions.

Sceptics and nay sayers alike...
Will call it a scam.
But this concept is real,
It can do everything I say,
And as proof...
Here are the instructions.

All you need is yourself and your partner,
And all of your heart's desires.
The energy produced is love...
The most powerful energy in the known universe.

I believe in this concept.
Its simplicity is in giving rather than taking.
Its complexity is in human nature and emotions.
Anyone who has love in their heart,
Can realize this concept.
For each other...with each other.

There are three core values essential for success,
This concept requires the both of you...
Feeding off eachother's efforts.

If you want more,
And can grasp the concept...
That the love you give is limitless.
With an attitude beyond ordinary.
If you are willing to do more for your partner.
And they, in turn, do more for you.

The key here is MORE...
And is the driving force behind the entire concept.
Not materialistic, although it plays its part.
More everything...
Thought, care and love.
Especially, love.
Whatever your partner is willing to do for you,
Give back more.

Those who want...
Those who love...
Those with the right attitude,
Can create the perfect dynamo,
And produce a perfect love.

The rewards are limitless, but...
The potential for failure is real.
Some would say inevitable.
I say...that depends.

We live in an imperfect world, but...
There is one thing with the potential for perfection,
And that is the love you give.
So, if you love someone,
Who also loves you...
And believes in this too...
I say...why not.

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