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A final goodbye to this world.

There are fractals on my face
And I can't measure their pace.
They are expanding day by day
Without a sunshine or any ray.

My heart keeps throbbing in the moonlight
It is waiting for the day to turn bright.
I am saying all this out of the blue.
I myself do not have any clue.

All I need in life is love and trust,
A proclivity for affection which does not combust.
I need auricles to listen to my pain,
And a mouth which doesn't say "You're talking in vain."

I know. I know. The world is too busy to listen or to read.
To understand my words and give it a heed.
Notwithstanding all the things above,
I want to pipe up just like a dove.

I have a desire to retire from all profanities
And declare to the world 'I do have insanities'.
I cannot bear this burden on my chest.
I've already done what I can do best.

Everyday I feel my heart 's being prang
"Why I've entered this world? Oh Dang!"
But now, my mind is making a right call.
Today I'll be free from this world's thrall.

"It's so hard to leave - until you leave."
Is now what my heart truly believe.
Filled with pain, agony and sorrow
Filled with venom, there's no tomorrow.

Don't say, without any warning or any sign,
I am leaving this world and here I resign.
I'll see you from above, singing my knell.
Goodbye this world. I say you a farewell.

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Written for The Whatever Contest (April)
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