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Werewolf is met with a surprise.
“Done with the unpacking ? “
“Uh no, I prefer working in the mornings, have just dumped the cartons into the rooms as of now”
“I thought no one will come to this desolate place once the previous neighbour left”
“Why do you say so ?”
“I mean, its so far away from the city , not every one prefers the long drives to work”
“Well I love it here, the thick vegetation all around gives me a perfect cover “
“Cover ? “
“I .. I mean peaceful surrounding”
“Yes it peaceful for sure”
“I will head in now, thanks for the stopping by”
“You feeling ok ? Your eyes seem pretty red”
“I should go in , thank you”
“Hi wait, what's the matter you are sweating like crazy”
“Please let go of my arms , in am fine”
“Should I call an ambulance , your body seems to be burning up”
“I said leave…”
“What … What is happening to you, why is your face getting longer”
“Leave now….grrrrr”
“Those fangs…..damn.. Are you ...are you turning into a wolf”
“You have 2 more minutes I can’t help you after that ...Aaagggggh”
“You.. you look so funny”
“What ?”
“I thought a werewolf would a lot more scary”
“Are you crazy, go from here”
“Oh man this is funny, your face is looking so colorful”
“Stop laughing”
“Sorry, but if you thought you look scary , you are highly mistaken”
“Get away from me “
“ Can I take a selfie please “
“Don’t even think of taking a picture, I will bite your arm off”
“Just one, to show off to my friends”
“Don’t even dare to think of it”
“Just one, look here please “
“I said stop, I will really bite your arm off”
“Oh come on, just one selfie won’t hurt anyone”
“You foolish humans, now don't blame me for losing your arm”
“Liked the taste ? “
“What are you… why can’t I even bite into your skin”
“Welcome to the land of weird, you will be feel absolutely at home here”

Written for
The Dialogue 500  (18+)
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
#941862 by W.D.Wilcox
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