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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2248201
Fed up with her high school bully in college, Taylor resorts to the craft for revenge.
Chapter 1
“Those fucking Sorority girls piss me off, flaunting themselves… buncha whores. Especially that head bitch; Heather,” Taylor gripes.

“High school was a long time ago, We’re in college, it’s like a new life,” Jack replied.

“Yeah but she always made my life hell. Made me an outcast and either stole, or cock-blocked any guy I was trying to date. I can get even with her now, I’m not that depressed, timid girl I used to be.”

“Hey, Morticia… this the new bee eff,” Heather walked up.

“You have like a thousand dicks to be gang banging, you sure you have time to talk to me?”

“Just wanna catch up to an old friend, that’s all. Besides… I don’t know how you did it; but your emo ass, always seemed to have good taste in boys... mmmm like this one. Either they made good boyfriends, or good fucks,” she sneered.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Pity. We should hang out, see if your taste hasn’t gone bad.”

“I’d rather play blindfolded on the expressway. You hens, go lay some eggs somewhere, before I channel Aphrodite or somebody and beat you all within an inch of your life. Fuck off.”

“Well… somebody thinks they have a back bone. Is that the kinda girl you wanna date; some violent, pathetic freak?”

“We aren’t dating, and I know your kind. You remind me of my cousin, I wouldn’t fuck you with your own dildo,” Jack grinned.

“This ain’t high school anymore, those rules don’t apply,” Taylor waved her off.

“This is going to be fun,” Heather smirks, walking off.

“Bitch,” Taylor snapped.

“Witch,” Heather replied.

“Don’t you fuckin forget it,” she waved a finger at her direction.

The heel snapped on Heathers shoe, causing her to stumble in to one of the girls, who’s coffee spilt on her shirt.

“Oh my fucking god,” Heather screamed, drawing peoples attention in the café.

Taylor burst out laughing, causing them to turn and look.

“You did this!”

“I put a spell on you…. And now you’re mine,” Taylor sung.

“Did you really do that,” Jack asked.

“Maybe. Could be karma. So you really wouldn’t date her, how about just a fuck?”

“I’d fuck my sister first, and neither are my type,” he laughed.

“Are you gonna get a girlfriend?”

“Ehh… I’m keeping my options open. She seems kinda hard-headed, might need to toss a few more hexes her way, to keep her from snatching your boyfriend away.”

“He’s a weeb that likes anime and big titty goth girls, I think I’m safe.”

“You sure he likes you for you?”

“This again? He doesn’t get the pagan thing, but I think we’re doin okay so far.”

.”I just don’t- “

“Don’t want to see me used and hurt. I know.”

“You didn’t… give him a love potion or spell did you,” he side eyed her.

“Love is something you don’t wanna fuck with. Besides, I did that to lose my virginity. Had to figure out how to erase the dudes memory of me, long story short.”

“You never told me that. Ya know if you just asked… hmmm?”

Taylor gives him a look.

“I mean… woulda been easier than dealing with the dangerous effects of a love spell.”

“What would you know…”

“Remember when I went to that camp; my parents found all the pagan and wiccan stuff I was looking up.”

She gives him the same look.


“Go to class,” she gets up.
Later that evening Taylors boyfriend snuck in her dorm room so they could hang out. They’ve been catching up on anime they’ve missed, he’s hoping to get a night cap.

“I checked out Paranoia Agent, I just didn’t get it,” Darius brought up.

“It’s a psyche thriller, takes an intelligent mind,” she smiles.

“I’m intelligent!”

“Maybe. Hard to tell when I where this top,” she poked at her tits poking out the top.

“My weakness,” he reaches for her skirt.

“All right, Miroku.”

“Please… let me see your panties,” he begs.

“You’re such a letch… Brook. I’m not wearing any,” she laughs.

“You’re such a tease. Taylor the tease. I got something you might like,” he clicked in to a file folder on his laptop.

“What’s that?”

“Queens Blade; has action and nudity… girls fighting with their boobies.”

“I might like it, but it’s not gonna turn me on.”

“It kinda turns me on.”


As they watch the first episode, she can tell he has a slight erection.

“You’re getting turned on, and it’s not even hentai… you’re pathetic.”


She moves, sitting behind him on the bed, working her fingers, causing his zipper to open, and rising his cock out. Slowly she strokes the base of it.

“This what you want her to do with her hair?”

She snaps her fingers, dropping her top, laying her head on his shoulder, pressing her tits in his back.

“Should I pause it?”

“Nah, if you can make it through the episode, I’ll reward you,” she kisses him.

“Why do you always make me fight for sex,” he moans.

“Goth girls don’t give it easy,” she ran a finger up the bottom of his shaft, “as long as I don’t touch the top, should be easy.”

Darius tries to concentrate on the show, even with armor breaking battles, it was hard keeping attention away from his lightly stroked cock.

“This is pretty good. Would you fight like that, if there was a Kings Blade?”


“You could pierce the tip of your dick, and use it as a whip. Would you whip me with your dick whip and tear off my clothes,” she coyly asked.

She strokes a bit closer to his cock head.

“Wrap it around my neck and pull me to my knees in submission. Maybe if you trained hard, maybe you could stiffen it enough to shove it down my throat, have it snake down out my ass, and in to my pussy… hmmm… better yet; coil it around my legs, holding me upside down as the head slips inside my pussy, wiggling around in me until it pumps me full of cum that makes me your slave.”

“You’re cheating,” his voice cracks.

“Am I?”

“You’re going to high.”

“Am I,” she leans around him to look, “I guess I am.”

Taylor pushes him down, climbing on top of him, still stroking him.

“Oh sweet goddess.”

“That’s my line,” she scooted up.

He moans when his cock opens her lips as she grinds, her wet lips rub his shaft.

“This still cheating?”

He grabs her chest, flicking his fingertips on her nipples.

“That’s cheating,” she moaned.

She reached down, pushing it inside her, grinding harder, laying down on him. Darius grabs her sides, rolling them over, thrusting in her, Taylor yelps in surprise, he pounds away.

“I got you now, cheater,” he pants.

“Punish me hard,” she moans.

Darius lifts her legs and hold them together, his balls smacking on her ass cheeks, her legs tremble as she climaxes.

“Your punishment,” he pulls out, “is…”

He climbs on top of her, squeezing her tits around his cock.

“One orgasm, and no cum in you,” he fucks her tits.

After a few strokes, he burst, Taylor tries to catch as much in her mouth, as it shoots out, squirting in her mouth, on her chin, the rest puddles in her cleavage.

She pouts at him, snapping her finger with a grin.
Taylor and Darius are hanging out, outside after classes, waiting for Jack to show up from his last class.

“So, I heard about this party coming up, and was thinking about crashing for free booze to drink and steal,” Darius said.

“Hmm… that’s tempting.”

“What is; having sex on this table,” Jack walks up.

“What?! No! I swear Jack, you need a girlfriend,” Darius exclaims.

“I got kinda good news; I was invited to a party and to bring my punk emo girlfriend, if I wanted. I told her I didn’t want to and she begged we come. She believes I’m your boyfriend.”

“Now I’m second guessing it. She just wants to try and steal my boyfriends and fuck them, like high school,” she snapped.

“Jokes on her, though. We aren’t dating and if she does try to fuck me, granted I have enough drink in me to get my dick hard; It’ll be hilarious.”

“It won’t teach her anything, though. What’s another cock to sit on,” Taylor asked.

“Well… I’ll have gotten laid, like you keep saying.”

“True,” they both say.

“Maybe we shouldn’t crash it, if she’s going to be there, she’s going to want to fuck you out of spite.”

“You don’t need to worry, I have the will power to not fuck random chicks, and the personality and hobbies to reinforce it.”

“Maybe we can pretend to date, so she won’t know,” Jack suggest.

“Dude… why you always trying to get her in the sack, or something. That shit is old.”

“Dude, I’m trying to use her hate, to get laid. I don’t even like Heather.”

“I know who you like,” Darius glared.

“Fuck it. Let’s all just go, and once she finds out who’s dating who, I’ll make sure to try and run defense, or some shit.”

“I guess we can play it by ear… I still want to steal beers,” Taylor said.

Chapter 2
“At least let’s walk in together, so people see us. Most will just assume by that alone,” Jack pleaded, as they walked up to the sorority house.

“Sure… fine,” Taylor agreed.

Jack and Taylor walk in, in front of Darius; his hand around her waist, much to his chagrin. Slipping his arm away, wandering off, returning with two bottles of beer, handing her one, as Heather makes her appearance.

“I knew you two were dating, you can’t fool me! You always had good taste in boyfriends. Who is he?”

“He’s with us, is it a problem because we can leave,” Taylor asked.

“No, no, have fun. Like you said; it ain’t high school anymore. We don’t hafta be total bitches to each other,” she walks off.

“Oh yeah, I don’t believe that,” Jack said.

“I don’t either,” Darius agreed.

They wandered around, Taylor spots a place to hide beer where nobody might find them. Darius finds people talking about anime, slipping in the conversation. Jack is playing beer pong in the dining room when Heather walks up with a bottle of Smirnoff.

“So where’s Taylor?”


“I figured she’d stick to you like a hawk.”

“She’s not that high school kid anymore.”

“How did you two meet?”

“We lived on the same street, just went to different high schools.”

“Ya know,” she got closer, offering him a sip, “I’m pretty sure she’s fun to be with, but as far as sex goes; I’ll do anything she won’t. I know what guys like, I know she’s still a prude, right?”

“Yeah, she kinda is. It’s like everything else is okay sometimes, but sex is more work, than it should be.”

“I’m not seeing anybody right now,” she took a swig, “how about I let you have your way with me, and show you what I can do? Whenever she won’t put out, or whatever, maybe it sucked and you can hit me up. Trust me I’m worth it, look at this sexy body,” she lifted her shirt, showing her toned body and perky tits.

“Damn. I don’t know if it’s the booze talkin, but I like what I see,” he half-heartedly lied.

“You wanna think about it, or just do it,” she handed him her bottle.

“Fuck… can you distract her or some shit?”

“I got you… uhhh…”


“Jack… so manly.”

“Hey,” she turned to a friend of hers, “make sure Taylor doesn’t get wind of me showing her bee eff what a real woman is.”

Heather leads him to her room, where she closed the door, locking it. She sat him down on the bed, undoing his pants, giving him a strip dance to the music. Doing the splits on the floor, showing her flexibility, putting her legs around her head, crawling towards him, playing with her nipples, all the stops. He sits there holding her bottle, drinking from it, she takes it, downs the rest, sitting in his lap, placing his hand on the bottle, guiding it in her pussy, giving a few strokes.

“I hope you’re better than this bottle,” she pulls it, turning to him, sticking it as far as it’ll fit down her throat, tossing it to the floor.
Heather starts to give him a lap dance, pulling his cock out, rubbing herself on it, turning around, wrapping her legs around him, grinding his cock in to her stomach, he manages to ease his pants down during the act.

“This is a good start,” he grabs her ass.

“I know. I’m up for what ever you got,” she slips him inside her.

“Much better,” he moans. “Tight too.”

“Always… tighter than her, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” he starts to lift and drop her.

She squeaks and moans, lifting his shirt, pressing her tits on his chest, Jack manages to roll her over, not really concerned with getting her off, slipping out of his pants, pushing her legs behind her, ramming it in, pounding her, getting a good look at her shaved snatch.

“Oh fuck yes, give it to me Jack!”

Jack leans forward, biting on her tit, tugging with her whole areola in his mouth, teeth slips to her nipple, she yelps, holding his head there, yelling as her orgasm hits.

“Damn, Jack… you really needed some good sex,” she cried.

“Mm-hmm,” with tit in his mouth.

Jack pulls out, slapping his cock on her pussy, pulling her to the window. Heather braces herself on her dresser before he rubs his cock around her hole, slamming it in, balls slapping her clit, face hitting the window. A few people notice Heathers face being repeatedly pushed against the glass.

“You are a dirty boy, what if Taylor is outside... somebody… could see… us,” she huffed.


The pounding continued, people watched her muffled cries of joy, his fingers digging in her sides, smacking her ass here and there with resulting screams. Jack decided to open the window, just as she came, a few good thrust pushed her face in to the screen, knocking it out.

“Who is that,” Darius asked.

“That’s Heather… recognize the moans,” Taylor replied.

Jack was damn near pulling all the way out with his fucking, a good slap to distract her; with deft hands, pulled out and shoved it in her ass with no remorse, she bellowed. A friend of hers looked on, trying to get her attention, Heather couldn’t focus on anything with the pain, pleasure, and unsteady head. Taylor noticed it was Jack fucking her and held a thumbs up until he spotted her with a wink.

“Guess our plan worked,” Taylor laughed.

“Oh yeah,” Darius replied.

“As long as nobody who thought we were dating seen us kissing, we’re good.”

Heathers anus clenched around him, his hard strokes nearly prolapsing her. She keeps trying to talk, but can’t form the words.

“I’m tired of your pelvis stabbing me,” he pulled out, “and I gotta cum.”

He turned her, pushing her on her knees, with a handful of hair, shoved her mouth around his cock when she gasped, holding her head, fucked her mouth. Her eyes looked like she was on an acid trip as she stared through him. His hand slipped to her chin, pursing her lips, there was barely even a noise when his head hit her throat, easing in and out, like her other holes. Finally, he started to climax; shooting down her throat as his convulsed trying to pull out, his cum filled her mouth, she sputtered a bit, some pouring with drool.

“Such a good girl… we should do this again,” he pat her on the head.

Jack looks at his spit shined cock, with pants and shoes on, turns to Heather, still on her knees, breathing, walks over and gives her a kiss.

“No guy has ever been that rough with me,” she muttered, stunned.

“Get my number later, if you want,” with that, he shut the door and left.

Heather crawls to her bed, trying to get her clothes back on, when her friend comes in moments later.

“Heather, I gotta tell you something!”


“I saw you and him fucking and-.”

“It was hot, huh? You wanna fuck him too?”

“He’s not her boyfriend, the other guy is! I saw them kissing out back.”

“Are you serious? What the fuck, man,” she cried.

“Looks like they tricked you.”

“You know what to do.”
Through out the night, any chance they got, three of her closest sorority sisters would spike Darius drinks, until they noticed it hit him. Heather now mostly recovered, waited for the signal.

“Man that was fun, I was as rough as I could get with her,” Jack laughed.

“And that’s how you would fuck Taylor, huh,” Darius asked.

“Naw, not my style.”

“She wasn’t your type either,” he held air quotes.

“Hey, I took one for the team. I got laid, and now she won’t try to come for you.”

“Are you okay, Darius?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you, Baby?”

“I’m just- I don’t think this beer and stuff is hitting me like it should, I’m getting really buzzed.”

“Look man… if it helps, after getting Heather… I won’t hit on Tay anymore, swear to god.”

“You promise?”

“I think she’ll last me until graduation. If I wasn’t drinking; I don’t think I could even get it up for her skinny ass. I promise.”

“Good. I was thinking of making some spell that kept you from thinking pervy thoughts around me.”

“I gotta find the bathroom,” Darius stumbled up.

“You need a hand, Baby?”

“I got it… pretty sure it’s safe. Either she thinks he’s your dude, or all that sexual frustrated release knocked her out cold.”

“Be careful, man.”

Darius walks inside.

“He coulda just pissed out here,” Jack mentioned.

“Yeah, not with all these people around.”

Darius is moving through the crowd looking for a bathroom line, bumping in to a girl with a sorority shirt on, “oh sorry, he where’s the bathroom?”

“It’s over here, c’mon,” she grabs his hand.

Outside the bathroom, she text Heather and waves the girl from earlier over, to wait and snatch him up.

“Damn,” he walks from the bathroom, “The drinks here really got me messed up.”

“We know,” one laughed.

Both girls grabbed an arm, leading him a short trip to Heathers room.

“So you like the party,” one asked.

“It’s not bad, first time being here.”

“Well in that case, we have a treat for you…”

“Wanna get laid,” the other asked.

“It has been on my mind,” he slurred.

“Good. I bet your friends are going to get laid tonight, might as well not be left out,” second girl said.

“Wha… my head is spinning… I was trying to go back out with my friends.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll still be here, don’t you want pussy,” first girl asked.

“I do, but-,”

“Here ya go, just relax, we got a girl for you,” second girl opened Heathers room.

Darius too weak to break free of their grasp, having trouble speaking, was met with Heather, who greeted him with a deep kiss.

Chapter 3
“Who you,” he asked.

“Your pussy for the night,” she kissed him again.

“But… but…”

“Don’t worry… you can get that too. You wanna fuck my ass?”

He just looked at her standing there naked as the other two undressed him, Heather kisses him while they work, they all feel up and down his body, walking him to the bed.

“Tell me you wanna fuck me, aren’t you horny?”

“Yeah… I’m horny, don’t know why.”

“You like this,” she starts to suck his cock.


He stares, trying to focus, as Heather sucks his cock, her tongue licking up and down, lips sloppily working him over.

“Is this good,” she pulls off.

All he could do is moan.

“Well have fun you two,” one girl said as they left.

Heather continues sucking, massaging his balls, entertained by his moaning. She reaches for her phone, handing it to him.

“Before we get going to far, wanna put your number in my phone, so we can hook up again?”

He concentrated long enough to put his number in, dropping the phone on the bed, she reached for it, stroking him with her hand, calling it, satisfied when the sound of the phone in his pocket went off. She climbed on top of him, easing his cock in her.

“You want it hard or slow?”

He said nothing but lay his heavy hands on her hips, Heather leaned forward, rocking slowly as she kissed him, his tongue found way in her mouth, hips circulating, she peeked an eye open to see his glassed over.

“Taylor,” he mumbled.

Darius gasped when she slammed herself on him, hips crashing in to his.

“What was your name again?”


“You like this,” she toyed, “like me riding that dick like this?”

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“Say my name, so I can cum, Darius, oh Darius I’m so close,” she dropped on his cock over and over, “say Heather… say my name.”

“Heather,” he gasped.

“That’s it.”

“Heather… Heather… cum… Heather.”

“Yes! God… fuck.” She hit her orgasm, falling on him.

She was still a bit wore out from Jack, but she was out for more than just stealing another of Taylors boyfriends, it was revenge for tricking her.

“Fuck me Darius, I wanna have that dick pounding me,” she rolled over.

Darius musters the energy to mount her.

“This good, or doggystyle?”

“This… good.”

Taylor and Jack are walking around looking for him.

“Where the fuck is he at, the bathroom upstairs wasn’t that busy,” Taylor worried.

“You gonna cum in my pussy, Darius?”

“Uh-uh,” he said,” fucking her like a robot.

“Here I go… gonna cum.”

Darius is just on autopilot, letting his body do the work, her legs are wrapped around him, pulling him as she climaxes.

“If you’re tired, you can lay on me… c’mon.”

He lies down on her in to missionary, thrusting harder, her arms join her legs in holding him.

Taylor checks the bathroom downstairs, asking if anybody seen Darius, describing him.

“Fuck yes! Don’t stop till you cum! I’m fucking cumming!”

“Ummm,” Taylor wondered, listening to the door.

“Hah… Heather.”

“Darius,” she questions. “Jack! Jack!”

“Darius! Cum for me!”

Taylor runs to the living room yelling Jacks name, he runs to her, following her to Heathers room.

“Hey, they’re busy in there, go get a beer or find another room, or something,” first girl menaced.

“My boyfriend is in there… fucking move,” she opened her fist, pushing her palm in to her chest, sending her flying in to a wall.

“Bitch, by the time she’s done, you might not have a boyfriend anymore,” second girl grabbed her.

Taylor snapped a finger making her hand release and both arms fold behind her back, running her fingers across her mouth zipper style, throwing it at her, causing the girls lips to lock shut. Levitates the girl by her hair, moving Jack to the side and tossing her in to the other girl with a hard fling of her arm.

“Damn,” is all Jack musters.

Everybody else gives her room to move, the two girls slightly unfazed by alcohol content, free to move, gather themselves up, ready to pounce as she reaches the knob. Taylor turns, snaps her fingers, pointing two at them, they’re arms wrap around each other and their lips lock. Jack mutters a spell under his breath, giving one an upset stomach, giving himself a small cheer when one girl tries to drop to her knees, as the other tries to yank herself free of the tight brace. The other girls body starts to convulse as she pukes in the others mouth. She tries to scream as it fills her mouth, shaking her head, flinging the others around, trying to break the kiss. Jack looks on in joy, as one girl pukes in the others mouth, her uneasy legs drop them both. The other cries as her mouth as she struggles to not swallow it, before puking herself.

“Darius, no,” Taylor yells, running in the room.

“Heather… hah… Heather,” he continues, getting close.

“Get off of her!”

“That’s it! Don’t stop till you cum Dar-dar! I need it,” she grins at Taylor.

Darius is locked in, pounding away, Taylor tries to pull him off.

“Uhhh… cumming Heather.”

“Nooooo, what the fuck?!”

“Heather,” he yelled as he came.

He didn’t stop, stroking his sperm in to her, she held on until Taylor bit her leg. She kicked at her and Darius just lay on her.

“Get… off… of her,” Taylor yanked at him.

When he stumbled to his feet and noticed her, he grabbed her chest, reaching for her ass, trying to get a hand down her pants and up her shirt. She broke free of him, slapping him in the face.

“What did you do to him?!”

“Oh… show him what a real woman is, freak.”

“Did you drug him,” she cried.

“Yeah, that was payback for tricking me, a nice lil cocktail.”

“Tricking you? I didn’t want you fucking him! I knew you were going to!”

“Yeah well; I was going to try, but after that stunt with that Jack boy, I not only was going to fuck him, but make sure he was my sex toy. Ya know as much as you hated it; the guys you wanted fucked me of their own will… I made sure to take this one by any way I could, not to mention I know you somehow broke my heel. Those were expensive,” she sneered.

Taylor pushes Darius off his feet when he goes for her again.

Heather walks up to her smiling, kneels near him pushing his head to her chest and he starts sucking.

“The fuck you give him,” she ordered.

“Some of this and that to get him high and sex crazed… look, I think he’s ready for round two. How about my sloppy seconds?”

With tears in her eyes, Taylor breaks him free of her tit, slapping him several times until the pain registered. He looked up at her, following her fist to Heathers face.

“Shit… what’s going on,” he asked groggily.

“The fuck you think?”

He looks at a naked Heather holding her eye, at himself, back at his crying girlfriend.

“Why am I so horny… wait… my face hurts.”

“She just raped you.”

“Did she? I barely remember… oh… oh Tay Taylor I didn’t-.”

“You did. Get dressed so we can fucking leave, god damn it.”

Darius struggles to get his clothes on, while Heather giggles at the both of them. Jack watched in disgust, knowing not to get between the two girls.

“You want another one,” Taylor threatened.

“Bring it bitch,” she closed the gap.

Heather grabbed her hair, hammering in her head, Taylor heaved haymakers in her stomach. Jack helped Darius get together as quick as he could.

Taylor ran Heathers head to a wall breaking her grip, tears still running down her face.

“Hey Taylor, I got him, let’s get him home… or to the E.R. or something.”

She gave Heather one last look, before helping Jack get Darius out. A small crowd of people watched best they could, clearing a path for them to leave. Jack notices those two girls aren’t moving, puke had ran out their noses, they seem to be passed out. Taylor claps her hands, freeing them.

Heather walks out behind them, giving a quizzical glance at the two girls laying on the floor, “Hey, don’t forget to call me tomorrow, Dar-dar!”

That was it for Taylor, she pulled a pocket knife out, slicing at Darius arm, blood on her fingers, walked over, pushing her palm in to Heathers chest, magically pinning her to the wall.

“You want him, here, have a piece,” she shoved her bloody fingers in her pussy, thumb on her clit, “fuck like a proud stud, to have every man. A real stud you’ll be, let it ruin your plan. A horny boy where it counts, you’ll be, when you use them as toys you seek. A girl so manly, needs a stick in her panties. When she’s touched soaked, it’ll be woke. Let it hide only when she’s dry.”

Heathers body convulsed with energy, refocusing to her loins, Taylor pulled her hand now dry and clean, releasing her, as she dropped to her knees holding her crotch in pain.

“What was that, was it supposed to scare me?”

“You’ll see… knowing you, real soon.”

Taylor went to wipe her hand across Darius cut, noticing it was healed all ready. She looked at Jack.

“Uh yeah… I’ve been studying… surprise?”

She gives him a look and helps him get Darius to her dorm room, “I should have something to cleanse him, in my room.”

“What was that?”

“A spell… curse… tell you later.”
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