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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2248228
The Whatever Contest - April Entry
31 Line Count

The wise lion, exactly like
The wise owl was forlorn. The fact
That they were torn-up and shattered,
Reminded him of his birth. With a
Smile, joy re-entered his life
When the dog passed by with her puppy.

What made this lion so timid?
As brave and strong as he was, why
Would a lion cringe? Was the poor
Little lion afraid of his own
Shadow? In its own splendor,
The day turned out to be rather bright.

Securely independent, the
Wise lion became staunch and gallant.
These are the qualities that make
Him a true warrior when it comes to
Fighting. Wise lions are brave souls;
Their skills are truly remarkable.

"I will protect you from danger",
A wise lion would probably say,
"On the land that we're a part of.
Feeling safe and secure is our
Right when you're down and out, thinking
That all hope is gone. Don't you fear"?

As the wise lion looks back on
His life, the last part of this story
Comes to a close. When he departs,
He wants us to know that he was just
As scared as we were in this role,
But, if you believe in yourself, you
Can do anything if you try.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, April 10, 2021
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