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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“I was in my garden weeding when I heard a noise. I was a little leery of the Hanson’s dog. He’d gotten loose a few times and though very friendly, he’s large and had knocked me over more than once saying hello. So, out of caution, I looked for the noise. There, next to my side bushes, was a child.

She seemed to be about three I’d guessed. I’d never seen her before and there was no adult in sight.

“Hello,” I said in my sweetest voice, so as not to scare her. “Do you live around here? Is your mommy or daddy here?”

“No,” she said, very calmly.

I hardly felt calm! “Where are they?” I asked, somewhat flustered.

“My mother told me you would take care of me until she came back.”

Now I was really scared. “Where did your Mommy go?” I practically sputtered.

Rena, that’s her name, held up her hand and a vision appeared between us. A woman was sitting in a vehicle, a spaceship it seems, and she spoke, ‘Andrea, take care of Rena until I return. I know you can, I was your child in another life. I’ll explain when I return.’ That was twelve years ago. Rena hasn’t aged a day since that day. That’s why we keep moving, so it doesn’t seem suspicious. We keep waiting for her mother to return.”

“I see. I didn’t understand because I’m so new. So, that’s why you need to change rooms again? I will let the staff know, and we will make arrangements.”

“Oh, thank you!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Andrea.”

“And Rena too?”

“Yes, always bring Rena. I would really love to get to know her before her mother comes back for her.”

“Thank you, Dr. Evans.”

“You’re very welcome, Andrea.”
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