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life in new zealand during covid.
We had just arrived in Auckland after wonderful South
Island journey to find Coronavirus had started to spread the Earth.
We loved our old Toyota corolla car so saw Toyota corona owners wanted a new name.
It came as covid-19.
A few older or sick people in rest homes were soon affected.
Most new covid outbreaks came in Auckland especially from people coming from overseas so the Government under health Department advice sent us into lockdown. Variations of lockdown have continued with Auckland often in full lockdown. Covid was contained by contact tracing , new apps for our phones to trace where we had been, and isolation for people flying into the country.
Business suffered as we stayed at home but some flourished as they fed us or used online buying as the tool. Many worked from home.
many moaned and groaned over the ups and downs. There was money to compensate workers from Government some taking more than they need just as life seems to normally be.
Vaccines are rolling out with a border and essential workers. Some moan that rolls out to the rest is too slow but Prime Minister says no one dying of covid in New Zealand so let other countries get a better deal first.
Ethics, moral values and what matters most came to be the theme as we were shut down.
The world will never be the same.

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