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A stranger comes to visit. What does she want?
A stranger came to visit me,
I asked her to come in;
She stood nearby my porch one day,
And looked so shy and thin.

My offer she refused at first,
She left without a sound;
It wasn't long 'till she returned;
This stranger was a hound.

Her matted fur was brown and black,
A white spot on her nose;
Her brown eyes kept beseeching me;
She was hungry, I supposed.

I tried to give her food to eat,
She turned and left again;
The next time she crept closer still,
She needed a good friend.

The dog would not take food from me,
It just went to and fro;
Until at once it dawned on me,
It wanted me to go.

Deciding then to go with it,
I followed close behind;
We stopped, and she revealed to me,
Just what she'd had in mind.

My ears picked up a sound from where
She indicated then;
I crouched low down to have a look,
And that's how I found them.

Her litter she had hidded well,
She'd cared for them alone;
She needed help to feed them now;
I smiled, and took them home.

The story ended happily,
Each puppy lived to see
A new home, while the mother and
Her youngest stayed with me.

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