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WON: Ancient knowledge revives the giants. Can humankind defeat them?
         David escaped the giant's cage. His father placed David's mother on his shoulders, and they both gripped the bar of the ten-foot-tall iron prison. David climbed up over them finally standing on his mother's shoulders to reach the top. Then he climbed down on the other side holding onto them through the cage as he made his descent and using his father's hands for his foothold. He jumped the last part.

         As he ran the giant stirred from his sleep. He was hungry. He reached into the cage and scooping up David's parents in a giant fist he ate them before David's eyes.


         "You know this is not the first time that giants have walked this earth," said David.
By now sixty years after he had escaped the giant's cage he was a grey-haired old man, his face cracked with lines from years of pain and starvation.

         "How did we defeat them last time Granddad?" asked his granddaughter Deborah.

         "We did not. They were swept away by a mighty flood sent by God Himself," said David.

         "Don't fill the children's head with such nonsense," said Jane, Deborah's mother, and David's daughter-in-law.

         "The account is all there in Enoch Chapter 7 and Genesis Chapter 6 about how the giants were the offspring of angels. The story is similar today. Their huge size, 450 feet tall, their enormous appetites, the day they ran out of food and started eating humans instead, this has all happened before."

         "Well how does that help us now?" said Jane.

         "It helps to know that it is never hopeless and that somehow someway God hears us when we pray for deliverance."

         Deborah kissed Granddad good night and then hugged her mother.
"I want to live in a world without giants mama. Maybe then we could all eat a full meal again and maybe we would not all be so afraid of being eaten all the time."

         Jane smiled at her daughter with genuine affection.
"That is something I want for you baby. Maybe hope is not such a bad thing."

         Deborah went to the back of the cave where she slept, and David and Jane moved out towards the entrance where they could sit and whisper a little under the stars. They had a mountain view of the old city which also meant they could see whatever was coming from a mile away. The giants made so much noise you generally knew when they were coming, and you could not outrun them as they moved so fast. So, having a good place to hide was the best strategy and their cave had saved their lives a few times already. Not even giants could break the solid rock and the entrance was too small for them to crawl through. The city seemed like a ruin now and most of it was dark as the giants had eaten most of those who lived there and those that remained worked for the giants as their slaves. They were locked up when it got dark. But there were occasional large new buildings as the giants used much of the rubble of the old world to build themselves giant castles for homes.

         Jane looked at David and asked the question on her mind.
"So how did the giants come last time?"

         "The story is that some 200 angels fell from heaven and they married normal women of their choosing. They taught the people magic and science and we developed new technologies of war and biology. The angels were determined that their offspring would dominate so they built in gigantic size into their manipulations of the human code."

         Jane who was an avid reader of the old world's literature remembered reading a paper on the new race of giants that had come out when it was all new.
"You know that is exactly what appears to have happened with the giants of today. When the scientists discovered the book, with its strange writings and diagrams, in that tomb in the underwater city, that is what they learned. They changed the code of their babies and the result was the giants. They chanted strange sequences of words which on reflection sounded like incantations also. Almost all of those women died giving birth, so violent was the entry of the giants into this world."

         "You know what was written on the book's cover, don't you?"

         "No," Jane shook her head.

         "To my son Michael from your father Azâzêl."

         "Why does that matter?"

         "Well Azâzêl was the angel that developed many of the new technologies that emerged at that time, he was the brains of the operation. It is my theory that that book was written in angelic script and that it was Azâzêl's notebook for all his inventions. Without all those labeled pictures and diagrams in there, we would never have been able to translate its meaning."

         "Maybe it would have been better if we had not read it. Your story is plausible I suppose. It would explain why he placed it in such a secure place, maybe just shortly before he himself was swept away. But I guess we will never know. But how come you disagree with the consensus that it was aliens that left that book in the sunken city?"

         "Well have you ever seen an alien? People came up with the alien theory because they think the flood theory is even more far-fetched and it fits the whole scientific outlook of the time before the giants came. The whole Drake equation scenario depends on the belief that abiogenesis actually happens. But we are the only example that we have found of that in the entire universe."

         "David, you actually understand all those big words and formulas about chemical evolution and the possibility of alien life? I always thought you hated science."

         "Of course not, I was the one that filled our cave with books. Every time I go on a scavenger hunt for food I always bring back a book too. Reading is just about our ony pleasure here and now. I just do not buy into all the speculations. Science for me is about facts not wild fantasies and when it comes to this sunken city I think the flood story fits better and especially because of the book they found and the development of giantism that followed it. There is another reason to suspect that these giants are not just a product of advanced alien research reengineered in our earth laboratories."

         "What is that?"

         "Well they cannot be anything other than magical beings, the maths relating to their size simply does not add up. So the incantations in the book were as important as the scientific formulas."

         "How do you mean?"

         "A normal human being cannot be 450 feet tall. The basic rule for every increase of height, weight triples. So a 450-foot tall giant is 75 times taller than a 170 lb, 6-foot tall man but he does not weigh 170x75, no he weighs 75x75x75x170lbs which is approximately 32000 metric tonnes. His calory consumption is 421000 times that of a normal man. They would not have sufficient lung capacity to move all that extra weight and their bones and ligaments would snap from the stresses of all that extra mass. So the angels must have changed the code of the skeletal structure of their children also so that they were able to handle the extra mass, and so that they were stronger and could do more with less oxygen relative to their mass. In fact, their lungs are about 5625 times more efficient in their usage of Oxygen than ours are. That is simply not possible so there has to be some kind of supernatural power involved. God designed his creation with a perfect balance between its creatures, there is a reason for sizes, shapes, and functionality. But giants ruined that balance."

         "Or the angels were just better at maths and science than you are. It is doubtful the scientists pronounced the incantations correctly since we have no idea what their language sounds like."
Jane paused and then with a thoughtful expression on her face asked.
"So what happened with the giants in that Enoch story?"

         "When they ran out of food, they ended up fighting each other and the world was filled with wickedness and violence as a result. God looked down and wiped out everything in disgust."

         "Except Noah in his boat with all the animals, who somehow rescued all the original DNA bloodlines from God's first creation and before the angels started fiddling."


         "I am not sure I believe there was ever evidence of a global flood."

         She held up her hand knowing that David had a very different opinion.
"Yet there is a wisdom, in these old stories, that is hard to deny. In fact, it was almost predictable that such supersized beings would consume all the resources so fast and then turn to cannibalism and finally violence against each other. It is simple cause and effect."
Jane looked out into the shadows dimly aware of great hulking giants walking some ten miles away through the city. Even as she watched she noticed a fight break out between two of them. She had noticed this before, but it had not registered until tonight's conversation.
"Maybe we can get the giants to kill each other off. We can poison the water the females drink so that there are no baby giants. We can ensure that everyone who is eaten poisons the giant who eats them. We can sow seeds of doubt in every giant's mind about their neighbors and get them fighting each other. "

         "It is a strategy, there are still enough of us left, we just need to get organized about it."


         "Mama?", said Deborah. She was speaking to her mother Jane, some thirty years later. Deborah was now a mature woman in her forties and the leader of the worldwide resistance against the giants.

         Jane a grey-haired old woman turned towards her daughter.

         "Can you take little Enoch with you to the celebrations tonight? I think I am going to be very busy with the speeches," asked Deborah.

         "Are you sure they are all dead?"

         "The giants, yes, we killed the last of them in drone strikes in the Himalayas last night. We got them Mama and it is you and Granddad that we have to thank for that."

         "All we did was share a bible story and talk a little about hope."

         "Oh we both know you did far more than that," said Deborah, "You gave us the framework for our fightback and it was at that moment that the tide turned and we realized that we could win this war with the giants after all."

         Jane laughed and more thoughtfully reflected on David who had been killed attempting to poison the water supply of a giant queen 15 years ago. The giantess had eaten him and then died of the poison he kept in the lining of his jacket.
"It is a shame that David was not here to witness this. I am sure he is smiling down from a greater height than any giant ever reached though."

         Deborah laughed, "Oh that is a good one, can I use that in my speech tonight?"

         "Of course but do not give us oldies all the credit. It is you young’uns that are going to build us all a brand-new world after all."

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