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King Hakan wants revenge for what happened to his daughter's mother.
"Congrats, King and Queen! You two have a beautiful and healthy baby girl!" The doctor said as she was passing the Queen's baby to her. The Queen held out her trembling arms, reaching for her newborn child as tears were pouring out of her eyes. "Yes, ten fingers and ten toes!" Another doctor in the room pointed out. The Queen looked up at all the doctors in the room and announced, "Thank you all so much."

She then looked down at the cooing baby in her arms. The King bowed down beside his wife and wrapped his arm around his new baby daughter. “Look at her. She’s so beautiful.” The Queen said as her newborn baby cooed in her arms. As the Queen was examining her child, she mentioned something about her child. “She has eyes just like you, Hakan.” The wife said as a small proud smile grew on her face. “She sure does. She also looks lovely, just like her mom.” The Queen looked up at her husband and her smile grew even more.

Suddenly a powerful bang could be heard outside of the window. The doctors instantly dropped anything in their hands and quickly walked to the nearest windowpane and took a glance outside. "What was that?" The King said as he looked towards the window as well. "I'm not sure. I'll go check." The doctor took off her gloves and jogged out of the room. Everyone in the room went soundless for a moment...until the Queen broke the silence.

"Do you think it's trespassers?" The King looked to his wife with a confused look. "No. It was only a loud-" Another crashing noise could be heard. But this time, it was the sound of glass breaking. Then a scream.

Everyone glanced towards the door in the room. The two doctors quickly ran to the other side of the room, grabbed a small towel and a blanket, then ran towards the Queen. One pulled the petite baby into their arms and wrapped her in the warm cover. "King, I need you to take the child and to go to the second floor. There should be an office and use this key to get in. Be certain you secure yourself in." The doctor said as she was running out of air to speak. She grabbed his hand, held it out, and dropped the key in it. He held on tight to it.

"What about my wife?! Will she be safe?" The King asked with confused emotions. "She will be fine. We promise." King Hakan felt a bit more confident than before, acknowledging his wife will be fine. "Now go. Take care of your daughter!" The King held close to the baby in his arms and quickly bolted out the doorway. He put the key in his pocket, afraid that he might drop it.

He then heard another scream from behind him. But, he just kept running faster and faster. The screams and crashes didn't seem to be getting any lower as he was running. He eventually made it to the stairwell and stopped to take a breath.

Not even a minute later, he heard the door to the stairwell open a floor above him. He started bolting, this time, he didn't plan on stopping. He made it to the office door and pulled out the key, expecting it to be locked. Right when he touched the door with the key, the door swung open. He looked inside and his heart dropped.
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