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by Jess
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a princess owl meets a marketplace owl and falls in love
Dear reader's here's a story about a love owl.

Late one night princess Jess met a lovely owl named Bob
Jess lives in a palace and Bob lives in the village
Jess's brother John was looking for a date for Jess!
"Ahh oh I'm sorry sir" "no it's my fault" said the prince
"what's your name sir?"
"Oh, I'm Bob"
"are you good to women?"
"of course, I am why do you ask?"
"my sister has to find a love, so I went out to find one for her!"
"what is her name?"
"Jess, she loves people"
"oh well then let me meet her I like her already"
"John who is this?"
"Jess, this is Bob!"
"oh, hello good sir!"
they showed him the whole kingdom!
The next day Jess goes horseback riding with her aunt Shannon and Bob!
Aunt Shannon asks Bob a lot of questions.
"Bob are you going to marry my lovely niece Jess?"
Bob was slightly nervous in his reply, "I hope so."
"Do you want kids?"
"Why not, I love babies!"
Jess groaned in embarrassment, "Aunt Shannon please stop asking weird questions."
"I just want to know if his right for you!"
alright we should head back it's getting late.
"Oh he left."

"To where?"
"to the village"
"why? We have a lot a food."
"He said he was lonely so his looking for his love!"
Then we should throw a ball!"
"am I crazy?" "of course, not my love why would you think that?"
"because I've never had a ball before and
I've never left the palace without John except for today"
"I always have him with me" later that day John comes back from the village and he found Bob's mom Jen! He also found his sister Beth! Wow their so beautiful! "Hey John, who are they? Did they meet our sister Kate yet? Or Grace?
Ooh prince Liam is coming with his brother and sister Pauline and Austin!
The ball is happening!
Welcome everyone! To my very first ball! Jess,
can I talk to you?
Sure Bob! Will you marry me?
Hey everyone look! We're getting married! Hurry!
You are all invited to the wedding! Yay! when is it?
We don't know yet it just happened tonight!
Where do you think it will be?
Hawaii! All my friends live there! Ok Hawaii it is.
The wedding is starting! yay let's go! I pick Pauline grace to be my bridesmaids
The groomsmen will Liam and Austin After the wedding and honeymoon.
Jess and Bob exploring the palace tower.
Bob loves reading.
He read any book he could get his hands on.
So Jess decided to surprise him! By showing him the secret library. It was amazing!
With books shelfs to the celling!
Bob wanted to show his all of friends! In fact the had a party to open the library!
They were so excited they all had blindfolds on.
Jess can we look now? Yes you can! WOW this is amazing!
They all lived happily ever after The End

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