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Struggling, lonely and unhappy day but I still have my hope
I'm a poet you know it.

Today I'm filled with no glee.

My bipolar is trying to control me.

I shall not let it however have control of me.

Not today or tomorrow or the next day or the next.

I am bipolar this is true but I don't have to let it run amuck.

I'm strong and am choosing to stay calm.

I can big victorious with the help of the Lord.

It's not all on him though I have work to do too.

When I am feeling down and depressed I will choose to reach out for help.

I will choose to be nice to myself and eat well and bathe.

Even if I don't want to I will because if I don't I'm given away my power.

If I don't I'm giving away my power to my Bipolar.

I will pray as well as cry as needed.

When I'm up and feeling like a superwoman I will find positive things to do.

Like exercise, paint or color, cook or clean.

I will do something positive with all my energy.

I will not let my Bipolar lead the way and talk me into doing something negative.

I'm Bipolar but I'm not without hope.

I'm not without hope because I have my Lord.

I also have my bucket of tools I've learned to help.

I feel really down today but I know I will be okay.

Because my faith and my hope are part of my tool kit.

So even though I'm really down I'm never truly without hope.

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