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Another short piece of an unfinished novels. Protagonist backstory. Thoughts and more plz
"Matthias, Creed," Calinda calls, cheerfully, greeting them behind the bushes in the town gardens.
"You already lost your guards?" Matthias asks, raising his eyebrows.
"Yes, it took longer than I expected, but let's go already, I don't know how long it will take for them to find me again," she says smiling, with a glance at Creed wondering if he is impressed, but he is looking elsewhere disappointed I huff.
"Come on let's go," Creed says to Matthias running out of the bushes and into an alley. Matthias grabs her hand and they bolt to the alley after Creed. She shrugs off hers disappointment and yanks up her skirts and with Creed's help she climbs over a gate into another alley. They run up and down many alleys before Creed and Matthias slow so Calinda can catch her breath. They laugh in nervous excitement, as she gasps for breath, her hair long loose from its braid hanging in waves around her bright face. Creed stares at her for a moment before quickly looking away. "We are almost there," Creed says to no one in particular.
"Do you think they will let her in?" Mattias asks.
"I already thought about it, I have an idea." Creed replies.
"What's your idea?" Mattias inquires.
"You'll see." Creed says with a mischievous smirk Calinda’s way. With a frown she follows them up a dirt path leading out of the town. At the end of the path is a large building. With big eyes she stares at the square building with large blankets instead of doors and a cloth roof. There are two boy's and a younger girl at the door as if standing guard. Fascinated Calinda follows Mattias towards the door.
"Now is probably a good time for your idea," Matthias whispers to Creed. Creed ignores him and walks to the door.
"hey, Creed what's up?" One of the boy's says.
"Hey, Masias!" The girl says.
"Who's she?" the other boy asks.
"She looks like a royal rich brat," the girl says. Calindas gawks at them stunned into silence. How could anyone talk like that and not be scared to get thrown into the dungeons. Creed watches silent. Matthias watches Creed trustingly. Calinda sucks in a breath to answer, but Creed says,
"She is a royal brat.” He glances at Calinda a twinkle in his eyes
"Why is she here!" The girl asks.
"Jackie, Creed says touching her arm, she turns to him eyes bright, she came with Masias and I, she is to be our servant tonight," he flashes a smirk. Jackie turns to Calinda, her face red. "If she does anything, I'll punish her myself," Creed says.
"No, if she does anything I will punish her." Jackie growls before stomping away.
"Come here Cal," Creed says using Calinda’s nickname. Obediently she hurries over to him taking his outstretched hand. Matthias angrily follows them in. He yanks Creed to the side.
"She could have been hurt!” Matthias whispers.
"She won't get hurt. I promise." Creed says.
"Fine, but don't even think about leaving his side, Cal," Matthias says harshly. They watch as Masias stomps away into the crowd of peasants. Calindas yanks hand hand away from Creed and bolts out of the tent. Falling to her knees in the dirt she tries not to cry. Someone touches her shoulder making her yelp, she scrambles to her feet. "
Cal, right? One of the boy's from the entrance asks.
"Yes,” she answers. He hands her a glass. Timidly she reaches out and accepts the offered cup. "Th-Thank you." she say taking a drink. He smiles. Staring into the cup embarrassed she watches the liquid swirl in it. Her eyes flutter lazily, she looks up at the boy terrified before the cup falls from her hands and everything fades. Her breath deepens with sleep.
She tries to get up but her hands are tied, everything comes back in a rush. She struggles to her feet and looks around in the dark there are barrels and crates of potatoes and pickled foods. A trap door opens, bright sunlight glares down into the cellar. She backs up and trip over a crate, her eyes watering. "She's awake!" Someone calls as they come into the cellar. He pulls her to my feet. "Sounds like you got a peasant boy in love with you, how can a royal come about that?" He asks. “Well he wouldn't fall for a royal brat, so I wonder how you of all girls got him to fall for you?" He says, shaking his head.
"How long does it take to get her already, Jackie calls. Creed is going to kill all of us if he finds her here."
"Calm down Jackie, she wasn't hurt. I'll take her to him."
"You'll do no such thing." Jackie growls.
"Jackie. I'm taking her to him and you're gonna go back to the entrance and watch out for her guards." He demands. Calinda gawks at him. Who had fallen for her? He unties her and tosses the ropes back into the cellar shutting it. She bolts towards the dirt path as he latches the cellar door.
"Calinda." he calls after her. She freezes. "Ahh, yes I know who you are," he says grabbing her arm. "Now if you will let me, I will take you to your escort? He tugs slightly on her arm. Calinda’s mind races as she tries to figure out how he could know her name. No one had ever recognized her before. Her feet obey as he pulls her along. They reach the tent building wall and he stops as if on second thought. "If Creed asks what you have been doing, tell him I was showing you the orchard. You hear me?" he says, softly shaking her. She nods. He pulls the flap back and she walks in. Calinda stumbles and looks around shocked at all the talk and laughter. "First time, huh?" He asks.
"Yes, what's your name?" she asks.
"You won't need my name. Ahh good here he comes now.” She spins around to where he pointed and there Creed is walking towards them looking quite relieved.
"You ran out and Jackie pulled me away before I could find you, what happened?" Creed asks. "I was with..." I trail off. "Where did he go?"
"Who Cal?" Creed asks. Looking around and shakes her head,
"nevermind, where is Matthias?"
"He will be here any minute. We have to go soon so we can make a quick stop and be back before dark." He says.
"But we have only been here a few minutes?"
"No Cal it's been four hours. He smiles. Have fun?" Without waiting for an answer he grabs her hand "Come on we have time for one dance!" They join the crowd in their swirling swaying dance. Before no time she’s laughing breathlessly. Hooking arms with some boy she swirl around before Creed hooks her other arm and spins her away from the boy. She trips and if it weren't for Creed having her arm she would have fallen. He sweeps Calinda off her feet and spins her. Giggling giddily she stumbles into a curtsy as the music stops. Matthias grabs her, pulling her to her
feet. "We have to go now." He whispers frantically. Calinda follows after him quickly without question. Someone is making a ruckus at the entrance, as she stops to look back Creed pushes her from behind. She sees one of her guards enter just as they run out the back.
"Matthias those are my guards, they've found me!" He covers her mouth,
"Shut up, if we are found here these people could be hurt for not finding a guard to tell about us being here. Let's go." He takes her hand and Creed takes the other and they pull Calinda quickly down alley after alley, until they are at a waterfall in the woods. Hot and exhausted she drops down on the bank. Matthias peels off his sweaty shirt and dives into the water. Creed shrugs at her before following Matthias's lead. She huffs scrambling onto a rock a small distance from the waterfall and runs her hand through the water. "Get in Cal!" Matthias calls. "I'm fine where I am!" she calls back. She turns away to watch a passing doe. She hears a splash behind her before someone grabs her around the waist yanking her into the creek. She shrieks getting a mouthful of water. "Who,” she sputters. She turns to Matthias laughing near the waterfall. "Creed." she says swirling around her skirts tangling around her legs. And there with a laughing twinkle in his eyes is Creed. "How could you?” she says trying to be angry that he ruined her dress. She snorts smiling at his smirking handsome face. Splashing him she splashes over to the bank. Matthias grabs her skirts just as she gets out and pulls her back in, dunking her. "Masias! she yells using his nickname. She turns to scold him, catching a mouthful of water. Coughing she snickers. "You got me," she says, raising her hands above her head. They both dive for her, at the same time they hear a bridle. Spinning around Calinda catches sight of the captain of her personal guard who doesn't look too happy.
"My Lady, it's time you were home," he growls.
"We shall join you," Matthias says climbing out of the creek.
"There is no need for you to come, your highness." The guard says quickly climbing from his saddle and bowing.
"No need at all good sir, but I would like to see my sister safely to her rooms," he replies, gesturing to Calinda as Creed helps her from the creek.
"She is to see the King as soon as she arrives, your highness, '' the Guard says apologetically. Calinda groans looking over at Creed. Who drops his eyes to the ground before she can catch them.
"Creed and I will take her to the King," Matthias says pointing at himself and Creed. He climbs into the guards saddle as Creed helps Calinda into Jewel's saddle, climbing up behind her. He takes the reins and follows Matthias out of the woods leaving the guard to find his way back on foot. Giving them time to possibly get back and change before the king hears where they were. As soon as they make it to the castle gates Calinda’s hopes are bashed by the gate guards that meet them. She huffs slouching down in the saddle wishing she were invisible. Creed grabs her waist as she slips in the saddle. He tightens his grip around her waist and follows Matthias under the gates eyes down. They arrive at the castle stables just as their father's advisor does. Creed helps Calinda from the saddle.
"Your father will see you immediately." He demands. Calinda glares at the advisor surprised by his straightforwardness.
"You will talk to the princess with respect." Matthias growls.
"O-of course your highness I apologise." He stutters. They follow the advisor into the throne room and know immediately something terrible is about to happen.
“My runaway child has come home, has she?" Calinda curtsies with a small wobble.
"I haven't run, your highness."
"Ahh Creed, come here boy," Father says, ignoring her. She clenches her fists as Creed bows before the King. "Creed however shall I punish these rebellious children?"
"My lord, I ask your forgiveness, I can not tell you how to punish your children, as I was also with them," Creed says staying on his knees in front of the King.
"Not even to save yourself punishment?" Father demands. "Not even then, your highness," Creed replies. Father strikes him across the face, sending him falling down the few stairs leading to the dais. Crying out Calinda steps forward, but Matthias grabs her arm and keeps her in place. Amused, Father looks from her to Creed.
"Well well well what have we here?” He asks. He pulls Creed to his feet and drags him in front of her, dropping him at her feet. "A slave? Well he will do just fine then. He growls at her. It looks like we found my daughter's weakness at last? Have someone help you into the shackles at the whipping post in the dungeon yards Creed. This girl will learn how to be an obedient child, maybe punishing someone she cares about will teach her." Creed cringes but stands and stumbles over to Matthias and Calinda. Calinda stands frozen with her hands over her mouth. "Matthias you are needed in Asgreana." Father says. calinda runs and lays at her Father's feet, crying, begging.
"Oh father please,” she sobs, “I made them take me. Father please spare Creed, I'm begging you, he did only what was demanded of him, my lord.” The king turns to Matthias,
"Get this cursed child away from me, take her to the dungeons." He thinks being Dreadal means Calinda is useless. Matthias kneels beside her and tugs her to her feet. She lets out a sob and falls into his arms. He half carries her out of the throne room, a pale Creed following silently. "Calinda, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Matthias says. Matthias picks her up when she trips for the tenth time.
“Matthias, he would love me. Just let me tell him.” she begs.
“Calinda, you are only safe if he believes you are a Dreadal.”
“But why?” she sobs.
“He will use you to betray many people, Calinda you know that. You would become the most feared and hated girl.” Matthias replies patiently.
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