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Boys will be boys.....
It was a crisp Autumn morning for the children of Meadowlark Middle School to begin the new school year.The playground was buzzing like chickens in a coop during feeding time, all the kids were flicking and flaying back and forth not wanting to miss any new event going on or finding out any new information from the summer.The girls showing off their new" school"poodle skirts with matching earmuffs and all getting into the clicks who is going to be accepted and denied for the school year. Most of the boys we're running around kicking at a rubber ball sitting on some bleachers or sneaking off to show off the coolness of stealing cigs from the old man, and of course the girls noticing which of the boys have matured over the summer and the boys were noticing the girls who matured as well.
Except for a small group of about 10 children who are huddled around one young man, Ritchie, Ritchie had something some of the kids had never seen before and only heard about.
"What ya gonna do with em?"Billy Epstein asked
"I've never seen one."little Stevie Donovan chimed in as he was the smallest and standing on his tippy toes just to get a glimpse.
"I don't know yet", Ritchie exclaimed."I found it over by the fence".
Of course Beth Ann McAllister, who knew she was going to be the most popular this year because her parents had just bought the first color tv on the block had opt her opinion,"Well you should just let it go and not do anything".
"Geeze Beth Ann you're such a girl!"quickly came a report from Eddie Parks, Eddie was a playground bully standing a good head over almost all the other boys,"My dad says the first one you catch you got to drink its blood that way you get it's life force or some stupid stuff like that"!!
Billy Davenport gave Eddie a quick jab with his elbow into the ribs"You're so lame, nobody does that anymore!"then he turned his attention back to
Richie"hey bring it inside and show it to the class I bet they will get a kick out of it hardly anybody seen one!!"
Richie just shrugged his shoulders,"I dunno what I going to do yet."
Two of the girls Becky and Betty Jo were straining as well to see, when they finally caught a glimpse Betty Jo let out with"EWW, that's disgusting, I can't believe you're holding it."
"Oh it's so pretty,"Becky followed in. The other children were split on the decision and voices were quickly getting louder to have his or her opinion matter when a taller figure walked up behind Richie. They were so caught up and bewildered that they did not see Vice Principal Mr Robinson.
"Good morning children," he bellowed out, as he stood in his stoic authoritative stance with his hands behind his back.
Dead silence hit the group and no one said anything like a button being pushed they acted aloof and oblivious to the central event of what Richie had.
"What you got there son?"he peered down at Richie.
Richie was hoping he became invisible but instead offered his hand held prize like someone who had been caught stealing.
"Oh my."Vice Principal Robertson stepped back a little"well son you're going to have to deal with that before you come into the school"he placated down to Richie."looks like you have a responsible decision to make can't just let that kind of thing run around the school grounds."
The mass of children had started to dissipate except for Eddie Stevie and Becky.
"Do you understand me young man?"the Vice Principal quarried.
"Yes sir", was Richie's response as he tried not to look him in the face.
"Very well"Mr Robinson concluded spun on his heels and went pacing off towards the school.
Richie never being the first kid picked to be on a team usually with the wrong response in class and always wanting to be looked at differently by the girls knew what had to happen. He turned his back on the other children then let one of his tentacles slide up his arm to wrap around the feet, his hand covered the torso and held its arms and the other tentacle of his arm crept up and went around the mouth and head of the little girl muffling any screams and keeping her immobilized. Richie quickly turn the girl's head and ferociously bit down into her neck he was careful not trying to bite down too hard so he wouldn't spray blood all over his school clothes but he wanted a good enough grip to make sure no blood was lost while he was draining the body. It was ecstatic as warm blood from the child filled his mouth and The sensation pulsed through his body,he had to struggle with the girl twisting only a couple of times before she became too weak to fight the inevitable end of her life and as Richie felt the resistance cease he increased his pressure to drain all the blood out squeezing on the body with his free hand and his tentacles,pushing and squeezing now with both hands never letting his suction from the girls neck stop.
Now he understood the importance of his actions and was immediately canonized into his own doctrine of draining your first life! You absorb the life force and set it free at the same time, when Richie finished he stood wiping his mouth clean and felt he had somehow earned his right of passage, he no longer felt like a boy but started his first steps into manhood. The school bell rang bringing him back into his serialistic reality, as many children were screaming and running towards the school for their first class, Richie through the lifeless corpse over the fence and started walking like he had new purpose in his life.

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