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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2248388
Heather learns Taylor wasn't joking around about curses and magick.
Chapter 4
A few nights later Heather is ending a date with a guy she heard had a really big cock and wanted to test the waters to see if it were not only true, but if she could take it, if it is.

“This was fun, but I got an idea that’ll be even funner,” she teased.

“What’s that,” he asked.

“My bed with you. Sound good?”

“Yeah. If you can handle it,” he grinned.

“Only one way to find out.”

One the ride back to the sorority house, she’s rubbing his crotch to get a rise out of him, watching it grow down his leg.

“You act like you’ve never been with a black dude before.”

“I have… just not this big… damn.”

“I’ve been wanting to get a piece of you anyway.”

They walk in her room, she locks the door, pulls her top and bra off, “you like?”

“It’s a start,” he rubs himself.

She sits on the bed, unzips his pants, fishing his cock out, her eyes grow wide and hungry, looking at the sight of it. Taking it in her mouth, down her throat, nearly choking but doesn’t stop. Pulling back with a gasp of air, takes it back in, working it over, sucking it sloppy.

“Damn, that’s good,” he pulls his shirt off.

“It’s fucking huge,” she cheeses.

He kicks his shoes off, dropping his pants, she pulls her shorts and thong down. They make out on the bed, his hands travel around her body, hers, his. Her body jolts when his fingers graze her pussy.

“Damn you wet, lemme show you what this tongue does.”

“Please do.”

He spreads her legs, licking her lower lips, his tongue digs as deep as it can inside, her hips start to move, he gives her clit a few licks and she gets this feeling like something is stuffed in her. Guy is face deep on her clit when a pair of testicles spill out her vagina, the clit quickly swells in to an erect penis. Her balls hit him in the chin while her cock grows, pushing free of his upper lip, brushing past his nose.

“The fuck is this shit?!”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Bitch, yo dick just jumped outta nowhere,” he jumps up.

“My wha-,” she looks down at a nice size cock looking back at her, "what is that?”

“Are you serious right now? Like you don’t know a dick when you see it! C’mon now, you a fuckin tranny!”

“I don’t have a…,” she sits up, grabbing it. “Oh my god… what the fuck?!”

“Don’t act like you didn’t know you had that shit tucked in there,” he pulled his pants up.

“I didn’t have shit tucked nowhere! How the fuck.. oh my god, there’s a dick. I have a dick! I’m not supposed to have a dick,” she pulls at it.

“Yeah well… you do. I don’t know how all these dudes fucked you and not noticed that big ass dick, talkin bout you got good pussy… man…”

“That wasn’t there, it, it, when I took a piss, it wasn’t there! Why is that there?!”

“Because you was born with that shit, bruh! I’m out, lose my number,” he went towards the door.

“Don’t leave, I don’t know what’s going on. Please! Help me,” she went after him panicking.

“Aye, aye, keep that shit away from me, I can’t help you with that.”

“But it never been there before, I swear, I fuckin swear this… this… was. Not. Here,” she grabbed him.

“The fuck off me,” he shoved her to the ground, running out.

Heather hit her head on the floor, she sat up dazed, trying to get off the floor, slumping over, passing out. She woke up hours later, sitting on the bed, inspecting herself, seeing nothing but the vagina she’s supposed to have.

“What was all that yelling last night,” some girl asked.

“Yelling… I don’t know.”

“You and some guy was yelling about dicks or something.”

“That happened, I thought I might have dreamed that.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much on dates,” she walked off.

Heather quickly runs up, shutting and locking her doors, climbing back on her bed, she licks her fingers, sticking them inside, moving them around, checking for anything unusual, finding nothing. Confused, yet relieved, throws some clothes on and walks to the café. She walks in, immediately spotting Taylor sitting by herself, remembering the fight from the party; not acknowledging her at all.

“How’s that eye, stud,” Taylor greets, not looking up.

Heather doesn’t answer, deciding to get her latte to go, walking briskly past Taylor.

“Have you got laid, lately,” Taylor asked, still not looking up.

Later that day, Heather runs in to Keith in one of the common areas, one of her off and on flings.

“Hey Heather, what’s up?”

“Not much, just feeling off today. How’s you and Cindy doin?”

“Ehhh…. Kinda broke up with her. She kept claiming that she wanted to wait till marriage, I figured I’d wait it out and charm her over. Waste of three months. She got mad when I was trying to chat up another chick.”

“That’s not like you.”

“I know, but three months in to what may not ever happen… fuck that.”

“Yeah… you’re dedicated as long as you laid.”

“You wouldn’t be in the mood, would you?”

“Umm… sure… actually I wanted help checking something out, and we’ve had sex more than any guy I’ve been with,” she spoke concerned.

“What’s that?”

“Well I hooked up with a guy last night,” she leaned in closer, “he went to go down and said I had a dick. It kinda… I don’t know. You know my pussy better than my Gyno, wanna fool around and see what happens?”

“My place, or yours, mines closer.”

“Sure,” she followed him. “It just doesn’t seem possible. I was born female, obviously. It can’t just spring up from nowhere.”

“Did you take anything weird at the party, the other night, I heard about you being fucked out your window,” he laughed.

“Just Smirnoff and beer. And Taylors boyfriend.”

“Is that the goth chick that beat you and two other girls up, and stabbed her boyfriend?”

“I’ve told you about her before; I used to take all her boys in high school. Yeah she got me good.”

“You’re such a bitch, you know that,” he laughed at her.

“A stud, too, by her words,” Heather nudged him.

“Did she… did she shove her hand in your pussy?”

“Yeah, that was weird.”

They walk in his dorm room, she strips down, Keith walks over, looking her over, seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

“Looks like that same hot body, I like to play with,” he muses.

“Well if something does happen; please don’t yell and scream, or like shove me,” she plops on his bed.

“Nah, I won’t do any of that.”

She spreads her legs, he opens her lips, runs his fingers around, opening her, not seeing anything unordinary.

“What did it feel like when whatever you thought happened, happened,” Keith wondered.

“I was horny and he was eating me, it’s hard to describe- like the feeling of being out all day and finally kicking your shoes off.”

“Ah. I think I get it.”

Keith goes in for the licks, running his tongue from her hole, to her clit, giving it a suck, repeating over, until she starts to get turned on.

“Hey… if anything weird does happen, want to record it? At least you’ll have proof, or whatever.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.”

He handed her, her phone, she unlocked it, handing it back. Keith hit record, holding the phone up, to pan her whole body, showing her pussy, opening it, stretching it open as far as he could with one hand, her natural lube sticking to his fingers.

“A regular pussy, we’re gonna see if anything happens.”

Holding the phone at the best view, he starts eating her again. Using mostly his tongue, so the camera has a good view. Heather moans, tensing up while her clit is getting hard licks, then it happens; her clit swells, stretching her labia, testicles spill out of her vagina as her growing cock pulls the skin tight.

“Did anything happen, I kinda felt like something happened.“

“Holy shit,” he panned slightly around, as it rose and flopped to her stomach, quickly ending and sending himself the video. “Did you feel it?”

“There really is a dick… what the fuck man?!”

“Yeah, that’s a dick… you’re right, it came out of nowhere.”

“Is that all that’s there?”


“Is my pussy still there?”

“Doubt it.”

“Well look.”

“Your… uhh… balls are in the way,” he cringes.

“Lift them and see.”

“You lift them. I’m not too comfortable being this close to all that. The only dick I wanna touch is mine.”

“I’m too freaked out, please.”

“Your gonna hafta touch them at some point.”

Heather grabs her balls and lifts, “they feel so weird,” she shrieked.

He lifts one of her legs, “no pussy, just an asshole.”

“Nooo,” she moans.

“Are you like still horny,” he sits on the bed.

“A little, why?”

“You still have a boner,” he points.

“How do you make it go away?!”

“You can wait… or… rub one out. I’m not doing that for you, I don’t even masturbate myself.”

“You think if it goes down, it’ll go away?”

“I mean it popped out when you got horny. It wasn’t there before, so it might. What did you do last night, to make it go away?”

“Nothing. He pushed me down, I hit my head, and was knocked out.”

Chapter 5
“It’s been five minutes, I’m not horny, and it’s not going away. I can’t walk around with a boner until I go to sleep.”

“Weird. What really happened? Chicks just don’t grow dicks from nowhere?”

“All I did was drink. Bottles of beer, and my personal bottle of vodka, nobody would roofie me at our parties.”

“Of coarse not, unless it was a dude you wouldn’t fuck there.”

“Only person there I wouldn’t, that I did; would be that bitches boyfriend. I hooked up with one guy, then the guy I thought was her bee eff, because they tricked me. Then I got the girls to roofie him and get him to my room. Right before he came, she busted in, we fought, she cut her bee effs arm with a knife, stuck her bloody hand in me and said some weird poem or some shit.”

“Sounds like a curse.”

“A curse?”

“That bitch is a witch, and she cursed you.”

“That shit ain’t real.”

“But you have a raging boner as big as mine, that wasn’t there before I ate your pussy, and has never been there before? You fucked three guys that night, and guy number four, somehow got a dick in his mouth. It all adds up to, she cursed you.”

“It wasn’t there this afternoon, though!”

“Probably since when you sleep, blood pressure drops, and everything’s at rest, relaxed. When you’re awake, even if you’re just sitting down in class, your body is active… so you’re probably gonna hafta rub it out.”

“This is some twisted fucking nightmare! Can… can I just do it here and get it over with? I just can’t let anybody see me like this, plus I’m not sure about getting this in my pants.”

“Oh yeah, that would suck, they don’t like to bend that way, I don’t think they’d button with it sticking out, either. Do what you gotta do.”

Heather reaches for her cock, slowly stroking it, Keith faces away, tossing a random sock her way. Nervously, she strokes, her body reacting, making it flinch in her hand. Her body starts to react to the pleasure, nipples hard, hips wanting to move.

“It’s not supposed to feel this way,” she moans.

“It kinda is, though. Are you crying?”

“Trying to. H-how do you know when it happens?”

“Oh you’ll know. No different than when a girl feels it.”

“I just want it over with,” she huffs, stroking more.

Heather strokes herself quicker falling in to the sensation, huffing and puffing, hating the way her body and senses are feeling, right on the edge. She bites her lips to hide her screams, hitting climax, blowing her load on her chest and stomach, sitting there catching her breath.

“That’s my last orgasm and it wasn’t even sex,” she burst to tears, wiping herself.

“Your last?”

“Nobodies going to want me! I am not trying to use that thing, much less touch it!”

“That sucks. That’s my roommates sock, you can just toss that over there. You can always see if that Taylor chick will remove the curse,” he turns, “Oh shit, look.”

They watch her cock go flaccid and retract, the balls pull themselves inside, all is back to normal, Heather hugged him and cried.

“She’s not going to, she hates me, I’ve bullied her and stole her boyfriends since high school,” she wheezed.

“Maybe beg for forgiveness, like, on your knees and all that repent shit.”

“Nobody will ever love me like this, nobody will fuck me like this.”

“Well, I’m sure somebody out there would have sex with you, maybe. I can see why you wouldn’t want to have sex. I been waiting for you to not be so slutty, so we could date… but hard pass on the cursed cock, sorry.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I’m sorry, the weird thing is I still want you, I still think you’re sexy… I still can’t have you. That thing is like the literal interpretation of the figurative issue with us dating.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It means; you liked getting dick and fucking different guys to just be an actual girlfriend. I can’t have you because you like dick, now I can’t have you because you have a dick.”

“She said something like that… ruin my plan when I try to get a man. Something about me being a horny boy with a stick in his panties, ah dunno, I can’t remember that stupid poem.”

“That was the spell, Heather.”

“My life is ruined. She’s going to laugh in my face.”

“Want me to talk to her for you?”

“No… this is all my fault. I just didn’t care how I treated most people.”

At Taylors, after the party, they lay Darius on the bed, she looks for something to help detox him.

“So, I’m going to whip up something to help dissolve the drugs. Did you heal the cut on his arm?”

“Yeah I did.”

She glares at him.

“I’ve been studying witchcraft. Sue me.”

“Trying to impress me or something?”

“No. I get you’re pissed and hurt, but I did it to I guess understand you more, and I love you.”


“I promised I’d stop being a perv… I’m going to, but might as well put it out there. Honestly; nomatter how bad I needed to be laid, I would not have had sex with her if not to protect you. I don’t like her scrawny ass, it was hard to get it up and I wanted it to be over with.”

Taylor just sighs, “I know. I’m just scared it wouldn’t work. I know Heather would never be able to take you.”

“What did you do to her?”

“A curse, one that makes her grow a dick anytime she tries to get pleasure from that used sock she calls a pussy.”

“That’s pretty funny,” he laughs.

“It is isn’t it,” she laughs.”

“I really want to be with you, Tay.”

“Let’s see how it plays out with Darius, okay? I know how you feel, but I do love him.”

Heather walks back to the café to see if Taylor is there, spotting her and Jack in a booth, walking up to them nervously.

“Darius is doing okay, other than a migraine,” Jack looked from his laptop.”

“Sit next to me, I know what you want,” Taylor instructed.

“I’m fine right here.”

“Sit,” she ordered.

Heather sat next to her.

“So... what do you want?”

“Can you please take-,”

“I told you I already know you want me to do that, what else do you want?”

“Just that,” Heather whispers.

“Having trouble getting laid, how many guys have you scared off?”


“Lies. You had to have figured it out by now, to be begging to have it lifted, either you tried to hook up with somebody, or tried to masturbate.”

“Okay… I freaked out two guys.”

“Just two since the party? Losing your touch?”

“Just two.”

“Tell me everything,” Taylor chuckles.

“Last night I had a chance to hook up with Denny.”

“Oh that one black guy? I hear he has a really big dick,” she said in her Sarah Silverman voice.

“He was going down on me, it popped out and he freaked out.”


“I asked a friend of mine who just broke up with a girl if he wanted to hook up and to see if what you did actually happened, he recorded himself going down on me, and it happened again. I didn’t know how to make it go away, he said it shoulda went away when I wasn’t horny anymore.”

“What do you mean, you didn’t know how to make it go away, as many dicks as you’ve had, what happened the first time?”

“He hurt me, Denny hurt me.”

“Oh, what happened,” she placed a hand on her thigh, feigning concern.

“I thought he was going to beat me up. He pushed me down and I hit my head… I passed out.”

“You poor baby,” she rubs her thigh, “yeah you can get horny, but any stimulation will bring an erection.”

“But it wouldn’t go away until I… masturbated.”

“I know,” she rubs closer to her crotch. “If it just went away, what fun would that be, it’s the point of no return. You like dick, so why is it a problem?”

“It creeps me out, I don’t want a dick, Taylor. I had… I had to use it, to make it go away, do you know how horrible it is? What are you doing?”

“No, but I know how horrible it is to be treated like shit, I’m happy to be the one to tear you down mentally,” she presses her hand in to her crotch, “Just be still and ignore it.”

“Please stop. My life is over, nobody will want me.”

“No and your reputation is over, you can live a full life. I can’t imagine anybody who’d have sex with you, but nothing is stopping you from masturbating,” she rubs harder.

“I don’t want to touch it,” Heather sighs.

“Why not, you love dick,” she grins, grinding her hand in her crouch.

Heather starts to breath deeply, “I’ll do anything, oh fuck."

“I bet. It’s just that you realized what I did. You ain’t learned yet, I just want you to suffer.”

“Please… it’s going to come out,” she moans.


“There’s no… room… stop.”

“I’m not keeping you from leaving, you coulda left whenever you want.”

“It’s c-coming out… it hurts.”

“I was hoping you would be dumb enough to get in situations where it pops up, but I guess you need help. Sure people are going to question your quick change in nature… that’s just not enough embarrassment. Are you okay?”

“It hurts so bad, everything is smashed,” she tears up.

“That has to hurt,” Jack said.

Heather nods silently.

“Big cocks must run in your family… I'm almost curious,” Taylor feels the length of it pressed in her jeans.

“You might want to take care of that Heather,” Jack chuckled.

“I-I’m not going anywhere.”

“That means nothing to me, you’re just hurting yourself. Lemme tell you about Darius and my sex life; whenever I want a round two, I can snap my fingers. I’m not lifting the curse. Ever.

Heather gets up in tears, limping away, trying not to cry.

Chapter 6
The next few days, she tries to keep up appearances, hanging out with her friends, boys she really wanted to get with, having to turn a few down, under the guise of being on her period. Sex was far off her mind. The issue sitting in the back of her head, only her newfound celibacy kept her in check, as she kept even getting aroused at bay. Until she went home and the girls were waiting for her in the living room.

“Hey, what’s up guys?”

“We need to talk to you about your odd behavior,” one said.

“Have I done something wrong, Charlotte?”

“No… but you don’t seem yourself, your getting distant.”

“No I’m not.”

“You weren’t even at the hazing the other day, where we made the newbs masturbate to porn. That’s like your favorite one.”

“I’m just not interested, I decided to be celibate for a while.”

They all started laughing at her.

“You of all people,” Kimmy blurted.

“Yeah… is that a problem?”

“No, it’s just weird. More guys for us, I guess,” Kimmy replied.

“Ah yeah… one of Denny’s friends came up to me the other day; he told me that Denny told him that you had a dick. I figured he meant you were messing with him with a dildo, but he said Denny was going down on you, and you had a dick.”

“Uh… I don’t have a dick.”

“Really? If it were a dildo, it woulda fell out, but he said it was swinging from your legs, when you chased him.”

“I swear I don’t.”

“I hope not, I don’t know how you hide it, if you do, to fool all these guys talking about how good your pussy is… or is it ass?”

Heather lifts her skirt, pulling her underwear to the side, placing a foot on the arm of a chair; “do you see a dick?!”

They stare at her vagina for a moment.

“I don’t know what he was on, that night, but that’s why I want to be celibate for a while.”

Heather is walking across the campus from class, when she spots Taylor, Jack, and Darius hanging out. Darius glares at her, suddenly she hears a finger snap; she felt herself get wet right before her cock started to grow. Heather could hear them laughing when she screamed and ran off. Her house to far away, and too many people about, boner pitching tent in her skirt. She ran behind the nearest building, hiding behind the dumpster cursing the evil thing, staring at it, pleading it to go away. It doesn’t. Bracing herself against the dumpster, she goes to work, still horrified at the sight and act, quickly trying to rub one out. Muttering how everything was fine until she crossed paths with Taylor. She closes her eyes, getting closer, making sure to stay quiet, blowing her load. She has to stay away from her.

Taylor found her in class the next day, taking a test, she casted a spell so nobody would notice her but Heather.

“Psst…. psst… Heather.”

Heather looked around to see who was calling her, fear poured on her face when she saw Taylor in the doorway, waving.

“Hey girlfriend.”

Heather shook her head, looking for the professor to notice her.

“Don’t worry, nobody knows,” she winks.

“Please… don’t.”

“Good luck on the test,” she snaps her fingers, walking out.

Heather grips the desk at the sensation of forced arousal, watching the thing grow in her shorts, her balls smashed, the head pokes out if she moves a certain way. Tears in her eyes, she fights back, trying to finish her test in pain. People start finishing and leaving, determined to be the last one, but she’s too close. Eventually the desire of release overcomes embarrassment, hiding her boner with her backpack, limping to the professors desk, dropping her test, moving as quick as she can.

“Are you okay, miss Marie?”

“I’m cramping bad,” she limps out.

To the bathroom she goes, freeing her raging cock from it’s confinement.

“I wanna watch,” a voice said.

The stall door unlocks and opens, Taylor is standing there.

“It’s hard enough to do this, please just leave me alone.”

She just smiles as she walks in the stall, the door shutting and locking behind her.

“I’ve been curious about how well it is, c’mon… I’m the last person you should hide it from… show me,” Taylor has a twisted grin.

Heather moves her hands away, even more hesitant to do the job with her watching.

“Don’t be shy… let momma see her baby boy.”

Heathers hand shakes as she battles giving her or herself the satisfaction.
“I’ll start it for you,” she spits on her hand, giving a few strokes.

Taylor strokes her cock until it twitches. Heather just watches her touch it.

“Take it away Heather! Ya know it might stay like that until you go to sleep, but if you start and don’t finish; you’ll know what blue balls are.”

Heather mumbles as she starts to cry.

“I know… I know, you feel like a monster, you’ll get used to it,” she sighs, “this one is on the house.”

Taylor pulls her head on her shoulder, where she cries, Taylor spits on her hand, stroking her cock nice and slow, rubbing her back. Her hand travels her whole shaft, cupping and rubbing her balls, delaying her orgasm. Heather cries and sniffles, no longer holding back, slowly Taylor focuses on stroking near the head, her knees grow weak, she holds on to Taylor, who’s fixated on watching her cum. Her orgasm starts breaking through her cries, when Taylors hand starts to twist. It throbs begging to be released. Taylor hugs her tight, speeding up a bit, her crying subsides long enough to cum, shooting her load on the wall, she drops sitting on the toilet, crying all over again.

“Awe it wasn’t that bad, that was pretty impressive how far it went, and how much. You’ll be okay,” she lifted Heathers head.

Heather just looks at her.

“Next time I want you to do it, I wanna see how a real stud strokes her cock, mm’kay? Be proud of it, I mean do you cry every time… not very manly.”

Taylor leaves her to her crying.

A week goes by and she doesn’t see Taylor at all. She still tries to avoid her, but is relieved that she hasn’t sought her out. Able to enjoy what’s left of her life outside sex, trying to be the extrovert she always was; her and a few friends and guys are hanging out in a fraternities hot tub, she’s actually enjoying herself.

“We have Heather, the life of the party back,” Kimmy yelled.

“You really giving up sex,” one guy asked.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal, one less thing to distract me from my classes.”

“Liar… you know you want it,” a voice whispered in her ear.

“Can we at least see those tits?”

“Yeah,” Heather took her bikini off.

Everybody whoo’s, followed by the other girls following suit.

“Wanna have real fun,” the voice asked.

She heard a finger snap nearby. Not now she thinks as her cock grows, she looks down through the water, glimpsing it bobbing up and down. She doesn’t lose her smile, playing it off, hoping one of the guys doesn’t try anything.

“Hey you okay,” another frat boy asked.

“Yeah, jet just hit the right spot. It has been a while.”

“Yeah, they always hit me in the ass in that spot, wanna switch?”

“I’m fine, it just surprised me.”

“Not bad,” the voice said. “Switch with him.”

“Yeah, we can switch if you want.”

“Cool, I wanna sit next to Christy anyway,” he stood.

Heather tried to stay far enough away, scooting by. A guy grabbed her waist near her cock, to help her, she nearly froze as his hand grazed it. She looked at him, he simply winked at her, turning to the other guys.

“We shouldn’t do this in front of Heather,” he started, “might be disrespectful. Come in when your ready and we’ll walk you ladies back.”

They all left her there, Taylor comes out of nowhere with a grin.

“That was close huh?”

“That guy touched it, I thought I was done for. I thought I was gonna get outed and beat up.”

“One can dream. You know what I want…”

“Yeah,” she sighs.

She sits on the edge of the hot tub, readying herself.

“Please no crying this time,” she leans in for a view.

“I’ll try,” she starts to stroke herself.

She inhales and exhales heavy with her eyes closed, with a good rhythm going. Her breath shallows. One of the guys looks at the window to check on her, looking down at her and Taylor. Taylor glances up and smiles. He waves Kimmy over and they both take out their phones. By now Heather is half way.

“Aren’t you worried about getting caught?”

“Fuck yes, but I can’t just sit here all night, I can’t go inside to get my clothes.” She pants, “I’m stuck.”

Tears break free, but she fights it, dipping her hand in the water, stroking it harder, getting closer.

“Such a good girl,” Taylor whispers.

“Oh my god,” Kimmy yells.

Heather looks up just as she came, shooting her load, moaning hard in to their phones. Her moan breaking in to a loud “fuck” as her body tenses. She turns and looks at Taylor.

“Did they see me, can they see you?!”

“They saw you, and yes they see me.”

Heather falls in to the tub, feeling trapped. Kimmy and the frat boy come back outside.

“You do have a dick, I got the whole thing clear as fuck,” Kimmy shouts.

“It’s her fault.” Heather points at Taylor.

“I was just curious why she was here by herself, and walked over to ask.”

“No tranny bitches in our hot tub,” the frat boy threw her clothes at her.

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