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Be kind to others

He unlocked a door and led me through an office that was empty of furniture, although I could still see square clean patches on the grimy linoleum, where the legs of a desk had once stood. On the wall was a curling calendar with April 1989,showing a busty young lady clad in nothing but a bikini and matching stars and stripes top hat,in the middle of the room a row of florescent lights clung to the ceiling by the wires that saved them from gravity's certain death.
As he crossed the room to another door I deduced this room had not lived up to its potential for quite some time.
Unlocking the second door and opening it inward gesturing for me to enter first, I obliged and upon going in I saw nothing at first,then a shallow light hum began and several rows of florescents started to come to life, the room was pristine,sanitizer white and you could start to make out the medical apparatuses surrounding a surgical table, a few of the machines were bumping and whirring and you saw the IV bags hanging on the rack next to the table by a corpse, but the configuration of the body was way off,the head was oversized,the arms much too long situated atop a bloated torso.As my eyes adjusted to the site of the strange corpse on the table I quickly surmised this was not human or animal of this world.
"WHAT the hell is that"I turned and asked our host?
He just smiled,"well that depends on how you want to describe it, please have a seat and I'll try to explain it to you."
Ushering me over to a stool by one of the labs work tables I sat and kept my eye fixated on the new creature behind my guest.
"Would you like some coffee,I think you'll need a cup of coffee"?!
Simply nodding at the question my mind ran the scenario in my head of the new situation, as he returned from a small break room in the corner of the lab he brought with him two cups of coffee he sat smiled and began.
"Of course you heardof area 51 and all the UFO stuff from the 50s and until now most of it was rubbish! The origin of our friend here is a little more discreet,when he was found he was alone.
He was discovered during a camping trip in the Canadian mountains near the Ontario Providence he was brought to a secure safe facility about 40 miles north of Vancouver, there he was tended to and nursed back to shape, we shortly learned his communication abilities were phenomenal, I think he has some kind of psychic ability and he eventually could communicate enough to explain how he came to be.
He was more of an explorer or a scout searching for a new home for his world his world was in peril due to an eminent supernova, so he was seeded here but soon realized the habitation of this planet and his people could not coexist, he tried to contact the others but it was to late , a huge eruption of his sun occurred and the expected supernova took out his world.He with stranded left alone,he know he could not exist in this world so he fled to the Canadian mountains to avoid contact, his solitary existence soon proved problematic and there was an accident he was injured and could not take care of himself, injured alone he surrendered himself to death only to be discovered by the camping party. After his rescue, he began to show his gratefulness that the humans had shown him by sharing some of his advanced technologies he began working with some of our technicians,physicists and medical scientist showing them new forms of perceptual thought transformation, he could literally put himself and his consciousness in a host body,unfortunately for the host they were left in a state of suspension in his mind because the human mind was not as complex as his."
Sipping on our coffee and me still fixating on the creature he continued,"Now his shell is hardly existing to maintain any brain activity left and that my dear is why you are here."
He set his coffee down and produced a dry thin lip smile at me.
"ME"??, I quickly questioned,"I don't have any experience in alien medical procedures or the scientific medical makeup to produce any viable help for your friend."
Suddenly I was lightheaded and I was blaming the stress of the new situation.
My host started to laugh,"Oh that's Grand thinking of you but I do not need you for your mental prowess in the medical field, no no, what I need is a place for the other human self-consciousness to be transferred into."
"The other human... wait what what are you saying??"
"Oh, you're species it is so naive, you're thinking so Grand of yourself,no my friend has already allowed me to take my consciousness into his body I was the only one with the skills needed to maintain the other shell now he needs your body so his consciousness will continue."
The room begins spinning slowly and I could feel my body temperature start to jump in my forehead,"But what will happen to MY consciousness if he has my body?"
"Oh well you you will go into the shell and basically go to sleep and never wake up,die if you will!"
"You-you d-drugged me,my,my coffee"....
Everything became a blur I remember hearing some mechanical sounds monitor beeps and some whiring sounds of machines and now-Nothingness.
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