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by Norman
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He couldn't find the dirt
The lowly worm looked all around.
He couldn’t find the dirt.
That sidewalk was no fun at all.
In fact, the pavement hurt.

The lowly worm crawled on and on;
his belly was real sore.
It seemed like he’d been there all day.
He couldn’t take much more.

The lowly worm knew he was lost.
He hung his head and cried.
He should have stayed close by his hole.
He should have stayed inside.

The lowly worm was at wit’s end.
He knew he could not last.
When suddenly he heard footsteps;
someone approaching fast.

The lowly worm was picked up then.
He thought he’d be okay.
He started to rejoice at once.
He thought, “Hip-hip-hooray!”

The lowly worm heard someone speak,
“I have a good one here.”
They placed him in a dirty can
with other worms in there.

The lowly worm was now concerned.
This wasn’t going well.
How could he find his home again
while locked up in this cell?

The lowly worm thought he was saved
when someone plucked him out
… but then they placed him on a hook
and fed him to a trout.

The moral of the story is:
when you are feeling low,
there always is a chance that there’s
a worse place you can go.

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