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This is about how I became a Herbalife member and how the products have helped me
For the last 7 years since I had my daughter iv been very self concouse of my body especially my weight this is my story about how I came across the Herbalife nutrition products

I fell pregnant with my first child in the summer of 2013 and everything went great with the pregnancy I didn't have a very big bump like most first time mum's but I was happy, my appointments didn't show any worries or anything out of the ordinary for the midwife's to be concerned it was on my visit at 36 weeks when thing went downhill and I ended up with a condition called pre eclampsia it made my blood pressure rise to a dangerous level and I had protine in my urine. I went to the triage center and my local hospital where I was put on a monitor to check the baby's movements and everything was allright there, after a while I was moved up to the ward to be observed my blood pressure didn't come down I was given a steriod injection the first night on the ward then I had to have another one 12 hours after I hated them but I knew it was to help the baby's lungs develop as she was going to have to be born early. My partner stayed with me during the day but had to go home of a night after my second night on the ward the doctor came and told me I was being moved down to labour ward to get my blood pressure down as the tablets they where giving me went doing it to there pice of mind, so I rang my partner in the middle of the night and told him I was going down to labour ward he came down and met me on the ward I was hooked up to drips in both my arms to try and get my blood pressure down the magnizium drip made me really sleepy and knocked me out for hours this went on for a few days then the midwife brought the doctor in and he said they where going to Induce me so the hooked another drip bag to me to start my contractions off. The first night then did this I felt some pain but it was more like period cramps but the more they upped the drip the more pain full the cramps got after being on the drip for two days I didn't make any progress and at 1145 on the Saturday night the doctor came in and said I had to go and have a c section as I was not progressing and they where worried about the baby so I signed all the paperwork as I knew this was the best thing for both of us I was taken down to the anaesthesia room to have my spinal and me being scared of needles I was terrified as I thaught am I going to get paralyzed from this everything was just going through my head after they did the spinal I lay down on the bed and waited for my partner he came in and the operation began I was terrified I was feeling alot of pulling and tugging and strange sensations it was when I felt them pulling her out that I began to relax sh was born at 12.59 am on the Sunday morning and she weighed 4ib 7oz she fitted in our hand she was that small she went off to the baby doctors to be checked over and she was fine she didn't need to go the the NICU she came streight to me and my partner I was exhausted and I could still feel what they where doing so I asked the doctor if I could be put to sleep and they agreed. When I re awoke I was handed my daughter she was perfect I took me about a week to get over tye operation before I could go home we decided to name our daughter Abigail .

As time passed Abigail grew into a healthy child but I was so unhappy about my body as I had out weight on after she was born I tried everything to get rid of it but nothing worked it was only when we moved house and Abigail had started school did I find it in me to try and loose the Weight I was recommended this product called Herbalife nutrition by a friend whose daughter goes to the same school as Abigail she told me about the product and I signed up after a while of taking the products I felt better about myself I was loosing the Weight from the pregnancy 7 years ago and I was feeling alot more active I have now been taking the products for a year and I wouldn't stop taking them my partner isn't keen on me taking them as he says they cost too much but once your on them you don't want to stop taking them, I have two shakes a day one for breakfast with one multivitamin tablet and a herbal tea and I take one at dinner with a herbal tea there are soo many different flavours and I intend to try them all as well as taking the products I also do alot of walking as we have lovely walked where we live in Cheshire it's such a nice place and even in the summer there are alot of walks down the river and around the country side I usually go with the dog I put my headphones on and just walk for miles when I have enough time before doing the school run.
My life now is different and I wouldn't go back to the way I was after I was pregnant
The end
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