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Second installment of BACK TO SCHOOL
"Oh I hate this part of my job", Mrs Viola Sanders sighing and thinking to herself.A 10th grade teacher at Meadowlark Middle School.
First day of school was over and the task for the day was to write an essay on"What did you do on summer vacation?"Being a vigilant teacher had it drawbacks and probably after about the 10th essay she would rubber stamp the rest with a "C"or a "B+", but she'd start with a couple and try to read them through. Most of the classes penmanship was legible for 10th graders and then there were the"How are they going to make it through life?"writers that you could not read at all. She dutifully was on number seven when she stopped dead in her tracks while sipping her Chablis, Mrs Sanders dropped her wine glass and could only stare at the paper from Robert"Bobby"Barnsdale. She began to tremble as she read through the paper.
BY Bobby Barnsdale
This summer I spent a lot of time with my father once we went camping at lake Pine hills up north we did a lot of what other people do when you go camping, like hiking nature trails, fishing and singing around the campfire at night. First couple of nights it was really nice then there was the "BAD"night.
A group of young campers Three Men and two ladies set up camp close to our campsite, right away my dad gave them a dirty look and was mumbling about the sites being too close together. After setting up camp the men set off towards the lake to go fishing,I noticed that they had a cooler but it looked like there was only one kind of drink in it and that was beer, the two ladies stayed behind adding their finishing touches to setting up camp. Dad and I went fishing too and got back to our camp just before dark, there was loud music carrying over from the other camp and it made my father pretty mad.Most of our night was silent only to hear the goings on of our new neighbors.
You would hear the giggles coming from the girls and loud primal screams from the men howling like wolves and barking like dogs.
But I think the thing that really made my dad mad was when one of the girls came over and asked us to party with them, my dad had to point out that he was there with his 14 year old son and it wasn't appropriate she laughed and stumbled off,but it really upset my father.
After she left the music got a little louder and my dad grumbled"That's it! I'm going to take care of this now!"
He went into our tent and came out with his gun and an ax, then started towards the other camp. Within minutes there was five shots fired and then only one more the music stopped.
My dad came back towards our camp and told me to come help him out, when we got to the other campsite I saw that Dad had dealt with the situation by shooting all the campers and killing the boombox (the sixth shot). One of the girls was still convulsing on the ground he walked up and hit her in the head a couple of extra times with the ax to make her quit flopping around.
The next 2 hours we're incredible, my dad showed me so much stuff! First he explained about letting the blood out and showed me how to properly gut the body making sure to pull out the lung tissue to have a clean cadaver.
It was hard work digging holes for the guts and intestines they had to be" buried deep",he explained,if they weren't deep enough that other animals would come around like bears and wolves.
Next he showed me how to cut and dismember the bodies inserting the blade between bone and tendon to separate the joints easily by breaking them, last we used the tents for wrapping and some"duct tape that nobody should be without", according to my father. We took the dismembered parts and loaded them into the boat then we went out to the middle of the lake and started dropping them into the clouded dark water, he explained why we took out the lungs and intestines and the packages sank like stones into the water. When we got back to shore he told me to go get some shuteye and he was going to clean up the rest of the "mess". Morning came and I woke to see my father sipping coffee by the fire. He smiled and told me how proud I made him as a father.It was the best summer ever.
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