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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2248484
Malcolm in the middle fanfiction. Francis shrinks Dewey so he and Reese can have fun.
Francis goes in the living room where Reese and Dewey are watching TV. He can feel Malcolm in his back pocket as the stench of his fart is still trapped with him.
With the shrink ray in hand he aims at Dewey first but hesitate.
Should I shrink all of them?” Francis wonders.
Then he sees Reese grabing Dewey's head and pushing it against his ass as he rips a wet fart. Francis had never been more proud of his brother than now. That’s when he decides to shrink only Dewey.
Francis aims at him and fires. He watches as Dewey shrinks on the couch just next to his brother's stinky ass.
“What happened?! Reese helps me!!!” Francis can hear Dewey pleading
“Oh, this cushion seems more comfortable” Reese says with a smirk.
Then he proceeds to move his ass on his brother. Francis can’t help but burst in laugh.
He goes to the couch and gets Malcom out of his pocket. Malcolm is red and he’s panting, happy to finally have fresh air but it doesn’t last long as Francis let him fall on the couch and let his ass falls on him.
“Oh so I guess I should thank you for my new cushion, he’s really comfortable” Reese says rubbing his ass on Dewey
“Yeah and they absorb farts so well, look” Francis says just before releasing a long bubbling fart.
Reese and him sniff the air but they cannot smell it. But for Malcom it was a real hell, the fart hit him like a truck and the smell made him puke immediately, making it only worse as he had to smell his vomit and the gas of his brother.
“Oh great, I wonder if mine can do that” Reese responds before unleashing the loudest fart Francis ever heard.
To Dewey’s misfortune it was as stinky as it was loud. The poor boy suffered under the hellish ass forced to inhale the toxic gas. It was too much for him as he passed out.
“Oops, I think I broke him” Reese chuckles.
He stands up and sees his brother motionless.
“I know I have killer farts but not that much” Reese chuckles awkwardly
“He’s not dead, look he's breathing” Francis says as he picks him up. He takes off his shoes and lays Dewey in one of them.
“He will have a surprise when he wakes up” Francis laughs “But don’t worry, I can share my toy” Francis adds before taking Malcom out from under his ass.
Malcolm is blinded by the light as he’s pulled out from the massive ass. He would have rather stays blind when he sees his two big brothers looking at him with an amused smirk.
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