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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Comedy · #2248495
tell not show
The smell of incense filled Karen's nostrils as she and the other want to by novice novelists were led into the chapel. Its beautiful stained glass walls shimmering in the morning sun.
A mixture of rust and blood trickled down the back of the novel novice in front of her, blended with the colorful pattern of light from the WdC temples stained glass walls. The sound of the nuns chanting their mantra had a hypnotic, like a piece of 1970's minimalist music, with each devotes mumbling the mantra at their own tempo and pitch depending as to their level of desperation. “show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell....”.
the pain in her neck is caused by the rusty collar and chain that draws the newbies to their individual fates in their respective ghettos. A booming voice in her head, that no one else seemed to hear, said. “There is a better way. Tell don’t know, tell only those things that can be seen and heard,”



KAREN realizes that she’s not in her collar anymore. The other NEWBIES are being led away. The PRIESTESS is sat lotus position, surrounded by kneeling ACKELITES.


“show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell show don’t tell....”.

Karen slips out of the side door


Karen now wearing a summer dress runs up the mountainside. She looks happy. Before she can express her inner joy. She is suddenly gagged and in a straitjacket. A VOICE OVER cut in


“Only what you can see and hear! Only what you can see and hear!”

A dog's collar is placed around her neck. And a lead snapped onto it. She is dragged away. The WdC MISTRESS cracks her whip the EROTIC WRITERS grovel at her feet


Show me the lust. CRACK


Top of stockinged CRACK
Grabbed his muscular CRACK
Her full lips CRACK her ample CRACK
Forcing her to CRACK CRACK

Karen is looking at the erotic when she hears the VOICE OF ATTENBOROUGH in full wildlife whisper mode.

And here beyond this scene of debauchery. We find the Cartlands. These timid creatures, eyes wide, lips quivering, watch the animalistic activities of their naibours, with a mixture of fascination and revulsion. They are poised. Hearts pounding, lips chewed. But sadly as yet, bodices unripped. There. Did you see that? I think, yes it's a wild man. Naked and disheveled, an outcast. He is rejected by all.
Seeing this diversity of human sexuality made Karen smile. And as she smiled, she could feel the tape of her gag loosening. This made her feel happy. The voice in her head started to sound desperate. “only what you can see and hear.” but seeing this makes me excited she thought, and at that, the straitjacket fell off. Stood there wearing nothing but a dog collar and leash, the sun and the breeze caressing her skin by turns. She imagines herself surrendering to all that overwhelming sensation when she sees a dog? It's a bloodhound, it's a collie, it's a bloodhound. It's a dog with two tails. Karen turns her back on the pure sensationalism and chases after the dog.
As she follows the dog it leads her past a bunch of people gasping and running as fast as they can, but they are in giant hamster wheels. So for all their efforts, they are making no progress. As she looks she suddenly sees the virtual holodeck and the cyber Daleks that they are fleeing.
Catching up with the dog she discovers that it is a modern cowboy writer the bloodhound ruthlessly peruses the historical truth, and the border collie is the dog of the cowboy myth.

this is just a joke don't feel left out if I have not included you or yours,
I'm still new here I will get round to you with time. please don't take offense.

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