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An effort that is insanely worthless and uneasy - a poem.
Encumbered by socialist
And Marxist views,
The nation seeks a gallant
And gifted resolve;

Saints ruffled and riled
By an obligatory drama.

As ranches and farmland
Become strewn
By a bustling wilderness.

Sheer megalomania and disturbance;

The challenge becomes
An indoctrination of latitudes -
A nation aggrieved by the lunacy -
Second- and third-world
Traffickers besieging our towns...

An ideology so fraught with terror
That the planet must engage
In these wholesale considerations:
Togetherness in dissolution,
Mischievous utterances,
And an imperiled surmise.

Ratcheting up outrage
For these asinine thrills. 
As thousands of tattered children
Sit huddled in abusive, vile conditions -
A gruesome and horrifying turn
Requiring decisive intervention. 

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