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by Fyn -
Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2248534
The more tis spead around, the more there is always to be found1 4-16-2021

She lives in two dimensions:
she of the world and yet, apart, alone.
One is for the everyday,
the other one of mind and bone.
She has that something extra
that oft seems odd and strange--
she sees into your very heart,
and when you hurt; she feels your pain.

Sometimes, not in her control,
she can heal, erase the ache.
It's difficult, for her because
it's not her decision whose to take.
She's traveled time, been here before,
done other things folks don't believe--
she sees the world as one huge loom;
she follows threads; the warp and weave.

For others far more than for herself,
the power is not so she may gain
but for the chosen few to help them;
but for those few to shield the rain.
Oft times folks don't understand
why one and not another healed.
oft times she wishes it were her choice;
that it was based on what she feels.

Yet, it doesn't work that way
because we all have paths to follow:
there's much that's buried deep inside;
and times, she's left heartsick and hollow.
She sees your heart as colors pure,
she reads intentions, inherent good,
she sees the lifelines of those she loves,
and too often, sees more than she should.

Perhaps it's shielding, perhaps it's more--
she must protect herself, you see--
else she'd have given all of herself
and she'd have faded, no more to be.
She's no magic potions, cantations or spells,
just intuition, some second sights:
Mostly, as her grandmother told her--
she gives her truths in the words she writes.

She doesn't see all futures,
doesn't know all there is to know--
just sometimes, in small amounts,
she can pick the way to go.
There's myriad paths we take in life,
she's traveled the ones she had to discern,
not always pleasant, often painful,
but she's traveled the lessons she needed to learn.

Her grandmother told her she'd magic of sorts,
inherited that as well as the rule of three:
to always try to do for good
else thrice the evil back at thee.
Most people never know she's gifted,
most never know or look to see
that she is of the fae reflected;
she is all she's meant to be.

If she has chosen you to mentor,
know you are very special, indeed.
Know in you she's seen tomorrow;
and thus, in you, she plants a seed.
She knows you are extra,
she knows you are more,
she knows you haven't yet a clue
of all the wonders you're meant for!

Have you ever looked way down, deep inside
searched in the deepest part of your heart?
You have it in you, for she can see it--
your very own magic just waiting to start.

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