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An attempt at a possible creative genesis, an alternative communication through words.
The Colloquial Essay

Welcome to the group

I appreciate your interest and hope that we can enjoy a spirited discussion

Spoiler alert! I have very little idea what I am doing. Perhaps not the best way to instill confidence in what is to come, but the price is good, and the benefit is to hopefully be a better writer. That doesn't mean that there are any courses or even instructions within the vision of the group. It is just a glorified discussion group, with the option to get some of your work looked at if you wish to invest some time and effort into writing something relevant about our subject. It is my hope that we can create an ongoing conversation about the 'essay' in general and the 'Colloquial Essay' in detail. This does not preclude other peripheral issues in writing, that are also relatable, such as specific items that may be of interest in the construction of any literary endeavour, from why we write at all, to the mundane and often unacknowledged aspects running the gamut from commas and ellipses to style and voice. Perhaps we can share our perspectives through reviews of whatever comes our way, and help one another in the development of our own works in progress, or go into detail over something that has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

I envision said conversation without the need to admonish anyone for childish and inappropriate behaviour. This is supposed to be an investigation, an exploration into the art of writing, and expect individuals to treat one another with respect and empathy for whatever level of talent or experience that they might have achieved. If there is no intent at sharing and being a part of a positive evolution of the group as a whole, you may wish to find another alternative. I think there is a lot to learn, and much that never gets discussed. My desire is that we talk about some of these things. Nothing is off the table, although we may have to revisit that point in the future. I fail to see how it can do anything but help us hone our craft, to everyone's benefit. I welcome all that agree.

As stated, I am not really sure how to go about how to create and develop a group. There is some expectation as to how to accomplish this, but the intricacies of putting together a relevant group continue to present themselves with each new thought I experience. It will be a perpetual work in progress, such as writing and life itself. if you see something that doesn't make sense, speak up. If you notice something that is missing, feel free to give some input. It seems rather simple in concept, but I am not so sure. I hope you enjoy the experience.


Remember that you can submit items as well as make comments and observations through the message board that you can find at :

The Colloquial Essay  [E]
An in-depth discussion on the concept and development of a new kind of essay.
by Lone Cypress Workshop

Of course that will be for members only. Feel free to drop me a line any time.

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