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A nice, little writing piece about the four quarters of the year...
In a typical year, there are 365 days, whilst there are 52 weeks; so, if you yourself would be asking how many quarters are in a year? Well, there are four, count 'em, FOUR quarters of the year, and they are as follows: The first quarter is January, February, and March; the second quarter is April, May, and June. The third quarter is July, August, and September, and finally, the fourth quarter happens to be October, November, and December. Kind of a neat cycle there, don't you think?
I guess many people in the business industry use those yearly quarters for their businesses, and for a writer such as myself, I would sometimes use those quarters to advertise stuff like my blogs and my ebooks. I only wish I knew why yearly quarters were there in the first place...
Meanwhile, the season of spring shall be ending in a month and a half, but already my creative brain is ready to transition from one season to the next, which happens to be summer; I just cannot even think about what I have been through this past summer; for all of us, it has been anything but good, for it happened to be the first summer since this pandemic was declared. I do not want to even think about whatever the heck I plan to do this summer; as a matter of fact, I do not want to even talk about it...

But getting right back to the here and now, it looks like the week of the middle of the month of April is coming to an end, and I think that we are in the home stretch of the end of this month; afterward, it is on to the next month, which happens to be May. And then, it is on to June. And then...
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