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Set between the two AOTB’s Carole enjoys her new form as a blob of jelly in a food court
90 seconds earlier....

As the clock was approaching 3am the Spitalfields area of the city of London was draped in a cloud of mist that you cut through with a butter knife. The streets were near deserted with the only noises being a whistling wind which was trying to blow the tops of the light green wheelie bins clean off but instead was causing them to blow up slightly thus causing a light banging noise. Otherwise it had been a pretty uneventful night

Situated about half a mile away was the Happy Go Lucky Food court, the area’s most popular place for the public to not only enjoy some good food but also for them to socialise and talk about the goings on in both the community and the wider world. The inside was always kept sparkling clean

And then about 90 seconds later there was a shaking in the ground as if an earthquake was rippling its way through the city, only this was no earthquake, the noise was coming from within the food court itself and its sound was so high that the streets around it were feeling it too. Just then the inside of the food court started to glow with a bright green hue and it’s source was coming from the still relatively new Shake and Cake shop which was home to some of the most beautiful cakes ever created. Or at least that was until tonight...

A couple of seconds later there was an almighty POP!!! And the inside of the shop doors and windows were splattered with a beige like substance. At first it looked like some of the cakes had been blown against the wall but then the substance started to unpeel from the glass and dropped onto the floor revealing it was actually: Human Skin!!!!!

Seconds later the skin was pulled into a sticky green blob of jelly and dissolved along with all the shelves and furniture in the shop leaving it completely bare. The absorption of the skin had therefore eradicated the final remains of an old human life. For this blob of Jelly was actually humanoid in nature, it’s appearance resembling what used to be a young food loving woman.

It seemed unbelievable to think that just 3 hours ago Carole Williams was an ordinary human with the dream of being a gluttonous eating machine. A dream born out of years of being restricted to low eating by her parents who believed that slim and trim made positive body image. Instead their beliefs had made their daughter feel trapped in her own body as all along she just enjoyed eating as it gave her a pleasure that nothing else could. Further mockery in her early adult years only spurred her on more despite days of depression and then the events of tonight came around.

Carole had found a green blob of sentient jelly-like substance that had crashed on earth. After taking it home and watching it she made the decision to eat it. It merged into her DNA and adapted her body so she could eat huge amounts of food without consequence. It eventually led her to the food court where after devouring the cake shop her final transformation into a blob of jelly happened. This has caused what felt like the rippling earthquake in the surrounding area and the POP!!! noise had been Carole’s skin bursting as the jelly became the mould of her new form.

Now a 10 foot tall 800 pound blob of gelatinous mass, Carole looked around and surveyed the scene, she had a look at her body and realised she no longer had any legs. To move around she would be sliming around on her stomach which then let out a loud rumbling noise.

“Time for me to show that there’s a new girl in town” she proclaimed.

Firstly Carole needed to get out of the cake shop but thankfully there was a small crack under the door so she melted herself down into a green lake and trickled her way out of the shop before reforming. She’d been given plenty of abilities by the blob when merging with it as a human and she was sure she’d have some new ones now she was the blob itself. Size changing was one carried over ranging from as high as 20 foot tall down to the lake she’d just used. She was also helped by the fact that the food court was more than big enough to house her standard form.

The biggest change In Carole’s appetite now was that everything tasted the same. As a human she’d been dependent on eating normal food but now she could absorb anything she wanted. With that in mind she slithered over towards the very centre of the building where the main eating area was. Carole immediately started by picking up all of the tables and chairs and dropping them into her stomach one by one and then watching them dissolve. She particularly enjoyed eating the extendable spinning chairs and bar stools where all the young adults ate because these were the biggest chairs available and the bigger an object the more Carole wanted it.

Once she’d eaten everything in the middle of the court, Carole decided to move on to the shops. She remembered that there was a cheese shop down at the far end of the court containing some of the biggest cheese wheels ever made. Without hesitation Carole slimed her way down to the far end of the court, absorbing yet more tables and chairs along the way until she finally reached the cheese shop

(To be continued)
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