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... and I'm in a Hat. Oh! What a Hat! - The Whatever Contest April 2021
I'm the Cat in the Hat, but not the one you once knew;
Look deep into my eyes and you will start to feel
the depth of my truth.
I'm the blackest of cats,
but don't let that strike fear…
I have the sweetest of hearts;
I am so loved,
I am most dear.

My menacing look is to deter wannabes —
larrikins or looters or other unlovelies lurking near.
With a fistful of pugnacious pumpkin pipe
and another paw ready to swipe,
I protect my Fairyhouse Tower
soaring high into the sky;
with a spire higher than it aspires to be,
weighed down by a lantern
to light up the night.

It wasn't all that long ago,
it started as a beret, a kind of tam o' shanter,
until the day a Fairy Queen on a long journey, rested there.
Known as the Great Enchanter, she made a magical swirl
to spin ever faster in a great blur—until, until
it went into reverse and ever so gradually, slowed
'though inside my head all was slewed,
somewhat stewed!

But now,
Lo and behold,
I wear a House Hat…
"A Resting House, a Half-way House, a Stop-over for the needy,"
the Fairy Queen declared, flying away in a shimmering shower of stars.
And it grows, do you see?
A charming paved path leads to a friendly door.
with all living needs and comforts within its cosy walls.
Still higher, and closer, to moon and the stars,
a room with a view in every direction,
as I turn my head on regular inspection,
of my home that's a haven for wayfarers with wings.

I'm the Cat in the Hat, but not the one you once knew.

Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
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