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This came to my mind when I was thinking of a story, fable, and tale.
         The story would be the facts or experiences that deserve narration, the fable is a tale especially with animals as characters, conveying a moral, and the tale is a narrative or story, especially fictitious (2) gossip and (3) lie, falsehood.

         The story, the fable, the tale. Put these all together, then I certainly should be able to cook up (colloq. concoct (a story, excuse, etc) this story. Concoct means (1) make by mixing ingredients (2) invent.

         The story begins with me. When I'm often ignored, I tend to be jealous of women who get a lot of attention. they walk up to my boyfriend with a big smile on their face, and then they give him a great big hug, while I just stand there and watch them do it. Without saying a word to me, they will ask him how he's doing. "What's this all about?" I say to myself. "Are they mad at me?" When I get the cold shoulder treatment, I call it the avoidance factor. I really get annoyed when this happens because I don't feel like I exist. I get a feeling that people are against me, that I am not well-liked, or that they hate me when I feel that I don't exist; it's a very isolated and lonely place to be at.

         The second part of this story is about the fable. I will use the characters of a horse and a dog. Horses and dogs are very caring and attentive. They have a very keen sense of knowing when something is right or wrong. When a horse is happy, its ears go forward, and when they see something that makes them mad, their ears go straight back.

         When a dog is happy, their bodies will wiggle about in such a way that lets us know that they are glad to see us. What a way to know that we've been accepted; it's a sense of belonging. I know that when I see this, it brings a lot of joy to my heart.

         When a dog isn't having a good day, they will let out a growl; it lets us know that we need to leave them alone. They have a keen sense of smell; they can pick up some diseases, knowing that something is wrong. When disasters occur, they can detect where the dead bodies are.

         The tale of this story is believing that everything you hear is accurate, such as spreading gossip around about somebody that you don't care for. They believe that what has been going around is true, which can ruin someone's reputation, when, indeed, they don't know the facts; it's just an assumption.

         In light of everything, I will attempt to put the story, the fable, and the tale together. Together, with all that, we may learn something. the story is someone's account, the real story behind the scenes of what really happened from the person themself, and if you're lucky enough to have a movie made about your life, make sure that the roles the characters play are described in the way that it is to be played, so that it's able to help others.

         A fable is best told about the animals that have been a part of your life. An animal is a good judge of character; they can sense if you're good or bad.

         Last, but not so good, a tale says that to be accepted in society, you need to spread lies or gossip about somebody just to get recognition or a boost up. This destroys something that could have been good.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, April 18, 2021
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