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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Melodrama · #2248643
This character is contemplating a divorce and with good reason. Here, he lists why.
I was married 18 years back and we were a really happy family:
Also, we have a son of sixteen (16) years!
Only in the last six months, I am having such a problem which is unbearable!
I would like to share!

Why I want a Divorce!

There are many reasons:
1) She started relations with a number of other male persons!

2) She is threatening that she will keep on doing this:
Also showing me and will do that in front of me!

3) If I talk on this matter, she becomes extremely violent:
Yesterday morning, she was threatening me this way!
a) I will cut you into a number of pieces!
b) I will Murder you and many others!
c) Either you try for divorce, or I will suicide!
Or I will murder you!

4) I talked to her three friends in the morning:
Telling them that my family is going to be ruined!

5) Then, in the afternoon, she started threatening me this way:
a) Show your power!
b) I will show my power!
c) I will lynch you to death by rods with a group of Gundas!
d) I will take bamboo and enter through your rectum!
e) Try for divorce, or I will murder you!

6) Then I told her, I will bring a case against her for torture!
Immediately she disconnected the phone!

7) It seems she is doing this consciously and very carefully:
Also, she may have a plan to murder me!

8) In every word, she becomes so overwrought, that I am unable to manage her:
In every word, she is coming to slap me!

9) A few days before, I was talking and begging excuse to her:
She hit me by her leg in such a way, I was about to fall to the floor!
Somehow, I managed to escape!

10) There are many behavioural changes observed in her in the last few months:
a) She stick to her mobile for fb, what's app and direct calls!
Somehow it is controlled now!
She was unable to stay without the mobile for a fraction of a second!
b) She used to do chat, sitting in such a place that nobody can see her!
c) She was taking 1000's of selfies!
d) Daily, she wants to go shopping and wants to purchase her dresses!
e) At home, her most important work is to use 1000's of cosmetics and do makeups!

11) There are some attitudinal changes as well:
a) She is telling lies almost all the time, with every word!
b) In the slightest deviation or departure of others, she bursts like anything!
c) Even my son also recognizes this and comes in compromise!
d) Nobody can utter her mistakes...the result will be severe!
e) If somehow there are contradictions because of her lies...nobody dares to point this out!
The consequence will be severe!

12) As such, normal consistent life is not possible with her:
It will be disturbed, intentionally or unintentionally!
Then I have to compromise, touching her legs!
This thing happens several times a day or at least once a day!

13) Considering all these and with the expectation of a smooth and consistent life:
I would like to try for a divorce!

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