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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248705
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
Dark, dark and still dark, this is what a normal living being in the realm of darkness would see; not that for the millennial beings who lived there it was so different, since that dimension was composed only of stalactites as far as the eye could see as in an infinite cave and various dark portals, which were connected to all the other realms.

Among the many black humanoid beings who walked aimlessly, there was one a little more peculiar, who was huddled behind a stone, trembling with fear.
Ironic, since he was one of the first products of Darkness after the birth of Light, and the emergence of life in the universe. Its name had to be "Fear" but obviously not all the first works are good, so instead of generating a being that took energy from the fears of living beings, the Darkness had found in her hands a black creature with two bright white eyes, which she did nothing but tremble in fear at the sight of her mother.
"Garbage" was the only thing the Darkness said, before throwing away the poor shapeless creature, and then setting out to generate others like it. All this had happened, about 5 or 6 billion years ago, when the universe had finally begun to generate life ....

But let's go back to the poor being behind the stone, who from time to time peeked out from behind the stone at the portals, the use of which was unknown to him, and for millions of years he had been asking the same question: "Am I going or not? If i go there, maybe I will be able to find a meaning to my existence, but I'm afraid that if i went through one of those strange things, I won't be able to come back here ... "

One day (so to speak) the creature finally made up his mind, he thought about what his mother had said about him when she fathered him, and he thought "Garbage huh? All right, then I doubt my absence will ever be noticed. , it's time to say goodbye to this dark place! "
And thinking this, the being resolutely stood up and marched towards one of the portals and without thinking twice threw himself headlong into one of them: if the portal had led him to nothingness or even to an astral creature that he would have devoured him, better that way! At least he wouldn't have spent eternity uselessly behind a rock observing thousands of his brainless clones ........


A policeman mummy sat quietly eating fried cicadas in the police car, while his skeleton colleague was trying to solve crosswords. It was around 2 a.m. and the streets of the city were silent and empty, which seldom happened in Monstropolis.
"Chomp chomp, I'll tell you Fred, when the city is so quiet at night it's both relaxing and boring"

"Mh mh." answered the skeleton concentrated on the newspaper.

"Munch, cronch .... you know what? Something exciting would be needed! Like an invasion of fire spiders or a group of vandal and messy demons straight from the hell or maybe ...." "How about a mysterious black portal in a dark alley? " said the bored skeleton looking out of the right window.

"Exactly! Something like that!" answered the mummy that was looking away.
"Then it's your lucky time, look a little over there." Said the skeleton pointing with his pencil, to an alley a few meters away from the two police officers.

The mummy looked without much conviction to where the colleague was pointing, and nearly choked on the cicadas. "SCOFF! SPLUT! THERE REALLY IS A MYSTERIOUS PORTAL IN THAT ALLEY! " " What did I tell you? " answered the skeleton monotonously.

"We have to go investigate!" The mummy policeman said enthusiastically.

"Uh uh, no thanks. I prefer to solve the crossword puzzle and look after the streets, if you really want to go and get devoured by an interdimensional creature, go ahead and take a seat."

"Okay then, let's bet 5 bucks that I'll come back with something interesting!" "Better not, if I win I'll never get that 5 bucks," the skeleton cop said as his colleague got out of the car.
"As you like, coward." He answered the mummy with a mocking tone .....

About 5 minutes later, the skeleton saw the mummy return carrying a black being who looked like a boy, his arms clasped around the policeman's neck, shivering like a puppy in the rain.
"Who is he? Your new lover?" Said the skeleton cop to his colleague, who was resting the being in the back seat.
"No, that's the interesting thing I was talking about earlier! You owe me 5 bucks!" "No no, I didn't bet, remember?" "Oh that's right!" the mummy said in frustration, clapping his hand on his forehead.

Meanwhile, the dark being did not stop shaking in fear.
The upside was that he had finally escaped from that world of only darkness; the downside is that he now found himself in the hands of two strange creatures, inside a strange self-propelled object, in a very strange world.....

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