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by Hazem
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A short story that talks about the lack of gay rights in some countries.
One world

That is my first English story i write it so if there is any mistakes please tell me
Have a nice reading *InLove2*

Daddy daddy wake up!!

What? What is going on Emma??

I am late of the school can you please take me to it by your car

Ah OK , no problems

He walks to the kitchen and find the breakfast and car key on the table with a paper
"The Breakfast , car key are in front of you and your clothes is on the bed
See you later honey*InLove2*"

The phone is ringing

Hello, is Dr.Sam with me??

Yes , speaking

OK Dr , don't forget to come early for your first lecture in the college

Sam : Yeah of course I will Thank you Bye

Phone caller : Bye

Sam Takes Emma to the school ........

him on phone : Hey Chris . Can you take Emma from school instead of me?
Chris : Yeah yeah no problem
Sam on phone : Thanks Bye
Chris : Bye
They arrived to school............
Sam : Here you go
Where is your daddy kiss??*InLove2*
She kissed him on his cheek and got off from the car
Sam drove the car to the college where he will teach Mechanics..........

One of the schools , Cairo , 1995

In the break all of the children are sitting in groups and anyone has his friend....Except one child "Mostafa"
Mostafa is an introverted boy . He doesn't have many friends , but he doesn't care . He just wanna eat his food and back to his class in the third floor , because after break he will have a lesson of his favourite subject "Mathematics" .

Some boys in the school yard : You see this freaky introverted boy ,
Let's bother him .
Hey kid give us your lunch , or we'll beat you up .

Mostafa : Get away from me

They started beating him in the presence of the yard supervisor who when Mostafa went to her crying asking her to take his right from them ,
She responded carelessly : Go and take your rights by your hands

But he is weak so he can't take his rights so he took a brave decision to leave this school and go to another School of Outstanding Students
He found peace at it and he made new friends

Seven Years Later , Cairo
Now the kid has grown he is now in the main grade in Egypt
the grade which defines his future
12th grade in Egypt
He is genius by Testimonials of all his teachers
" And now the Announcing of the results of 12th grade"

"Mostafa Ahmed Elsayed Mansour from Eltafawouq school , 98.7%"

Tears of joy poured in from him and all of his family

his dad : I'm so proud of you . congratulations.

Mostafa : thanks dad*Smile*

He went to faculty of engineering and he excelled in it, But as the nature of every human we fall in love . Even once in our life ......

After two years of learning engineering........

In some day , Mostafa decided to surfing a "gays app"

Anonymous : hey
Mostafa : hi
Anonymous : I'm Peter 20 years old from Nasr city
Mostafa : I'm Mostafa 21 years old from Nasr city, too
Peter : wants to meet each other someday soon??
Mostafa : It's a good idea
And after chating on this app for more than three hours , they fell in love*InLove*

They met each other in a public park , and unlike usual it was empty

they held hands ......
both of them get closer to each other..closer.....and closer
Until they had their first kiss *InLove*
Mostafa : I love you
Peter : I love you , too
They went back to their houses after unforgettable romantic day

After two years , He graduated from the University,
And He decided to write a book that nobody can or could write like it . He decided to write a book about the rights of gays

His Mother : Did you finished your book , and what is it even talking about ??

Mostafa : I'm almost finished it , you will know when I finish it .

His Mother : OK dear take your time.

Next week ..........

Sponsor : Mostafa you're my friend and this book will be a dangerous for you

Mostafa : Medhat , please just do it for me

Medhat : OK fine , I will , but don't tell anybody that I sponsored it

Mostafa : I won't tell anyone don't worry

Medhat : Okay, let's shake hands

Medhat accepted to sponsor Mostafa's book .
A mixture of anxiety and joy fills Mostafa's body

After 5 Days................

Mostafa's phone is ringing , it's peter ....

Mostafa : hey babe , how you doing

Peter : Mostafa I want to talk with you about something important , but in my house not on phone .

Mostafa : Are you okay???

Peter : I'm fine , please don't forget to come tonight .

Mostafa : I will come to you at 8:00 P.M .

Peter : Nice , bye .

Mostafa : Bye .

7:40 P.M
Mostafa : Mom I will go now to my friend's house okay?
Mother : Okay , but don't be late .

same day , 7:59 P.M


Peter : Hey mostafa , come in and sit down
I wanted you to come , because we can't still together anymore
Mostafa : WHY????!!!!

Peter : I was going to doctors who treating homosexuality and part of my treat is break up with you

Mostafa crying : You forgot our dreams ?
go out from Egypt and officially get married ,
then adopt kids
you forgot all of this?!
you're a selfish . you're only thinking about yourself .

Mostafa's phone is ringing , it's his mother

Mother : Turn on the TV , Why did you do that , son.........No you're not my son and I'm not your mother any more

He turns on the TV and find.........

Islamic Sheikh (religion man ) : haram haram haraaaaam (taboo taboo taaaabooo) this boy which called Mostafa the country should catch him alive or dead . he is spreading immorality and vice in our country

He changes the channel

a priest : the police must arrest this boy Mostafa , because he published a book contrary to the teachings of the Bible

He changes the channel

media man : From this site , I call on the authorities to arrest Mostafa Ahmed Elsayed Mansour . on charges of spreading immorality and vice in society

And suddenly the door is knocking hard

Behind the door : It's police , open this door . it will be better for you

Mostafa : What i will do?!!!

Peter : Come with me

Peter took a rope and ran with mostafa to the balcony..........

The police broke the door and caught them before they escape ..... they didn't make it

Mostafa : Where am I

The officer : We're here who asking question not you !
You will appear in a TV show and will say that you was wrong and homosexuality is wrong as you was ,
Or we will kill you and guess what ....... Nobody will know that we killed you .
Two boyfriends has been killed by a terrorist .. Wonderful title !!

Mostafa : Kill me , I will not say it or appear in that show

The officer : Kill him and the other one

Another officer : Yes , Sir

media man : The authorities found the body of young man, Mostafa, and another friend of him ,in the second's house , who was also possibly gay

They killed them without mercy.....

Dr.Sam : But if they had killed both of them, I would not have been standing in front of you today .
Yes my students , I'm Mostafa .
When the police came .. Peter was smart . He brought a rope and tied it to the balcony.
I escaped by the rope which he brought it , but the police came and he did't make it.
I took a brave decide , I came to america , I changed my name and took the nationality .
Then I Met Christopher , My husband and adopted our little girl Emma .
Peter wasn't selfish . He saved my life and made a better life for me .
Peter , anywhere you're now I know that you loved me and I loved you , too

And Now let's stand a minute of silence for Peter

The end
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