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by K.HBey
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Tim Chu fell but he decided to succeed.
KHBEY/ Kishiowana mountain

Tim Chu fell in his tea shrub agriculture. All the community of the village was laughing and since such cursed day he was appointed the dumb.
He went to his grand father Shin Wong for advice.
He said to him, "Grandson you should climb Kishiowana mount".
"But....",Tim Chu replies completely overwhelmed.
Grandfather became angry and said; "If you want to become a man accept the challenge".

Tim Chu went to the big lac and looked at himself into the water shadow. He said to himself, "I am your failure. Want you remain like this?"
Tim Chu got up energetically.

He went in a day where rain was pouring cats and dogs. Sun was replaced by some yellow rays that were reflected from the gray clouds pores.
First he was trembling in front of the gigantic mountain . He was yet covered with sweat.
Then he remembered the people's laughter and decided to climb.

He was climbing Kishiowana with both fear and courage. His hands that were stuck to the rock became hurt and bloody. Though he continued to climb the mountain.
At the second level of the mountain he spent the night under the stars completely frozen. However he realized that he had no choice. It was either to climb and succeed or to fall forever.

Early in the morning he engulfed the coffee his only beverage and food. Full of energy he climbed the mountain when his feet became bluish. He carved his fingers in the rock and continued to climb with his last energy. He was completely exhausted. His heart rhythm decelerated and he became out of breath. Numb he got sleep on the edge of the last level. He tried to push his leg on the top where he became completely unconscious on the top of Kishiowana mountain.

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