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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248774
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
It was 8:00 am in the Spooky High history class, and the students were looking puzzled at the shadow boy in front of them, who was staring at them trembling with a small black creature with a worried face, which was on his left shoulder ... .

* six hours earlier, Monstropolis police station *

At 2.30 a.m the two agents Abu (the mummy) and Bones (the skeleton), had returned to the police station taking with them a black being with white eyes and eyebrows, with a male humanoid shape, who looked around confused and terrified. The being thought that after billions of years he had managed to control this endless fear, but apparently he was not, since LITERALLY the sight of everything frightened him. The creatures that looked at him with distrust and questioning, the light emanating from those strange stones on the ceiling, even the idea of ​​moving with his legs in this unknown place made him anxious.
In fact, after a few steps inside that place, the creature found itself paralyzed by fear, and the efforts of a dozen agents, including a minotaur, were not enough to move it from the corridor, because the being in the meantime had broken through the floor with his feet as if they were the roots of a tree. But after a couple of minutes, a kind of bump began to grow on the shoulder of the being, which lengthened by a few centimeters, and on which a smiley face appeared, which the policemen and the mysterious being began to look dumbfounded. Immediately after the birth of this little creature, however, the dark being felt lighter and more peaceful, and he began to follow the two policemen into their office, leaving two deep holes in the floor.

After entering the office, Officer Abu took some clothes from a locker: a yellow cardigan with a white buttoning and long sleeves, gray trousers, a pair of church oxfords and a yellow wristwatch.
After giving them to the being, It looked at them perplexed and then looked at the agent with questioning eyes. The agent replied embarrassed: "Eh, sorry if the clothes are not the best of fashion, but that's what we have at the moment for humans becoming monsters."

"What? Do you seriously think he's a former human like the two of us?" Bones said in amazement.
"Oh come on, humans who die nowadays take the most bizarre forms. Think of the headless horseman!"

Meanwhile, the being continued to look at him confused thinking "Humans? Monsters? What are they?" Then after a few seconds he realized that the monsters must be the creatures of the world where he was now, but of the humans he didn't have the faintest idea what they were.

Meanwhile, Officer Bones woke him up from his thoughts by saying in a nervous tone: "So!? Are you wearing them or not? We don't have all night!"
At the moment the being, in the grip of agitation, flattened his clothes on him, which remained attached to his body like flies glued to fly paper ....
"Um, I don't think that's how they put their clothes on," Abu said embarrassed.
But after a moment, the body of the being unrolled on the ground along with the clothes, and immediately afterwards the being composed himself, with the clothes on.

Shirt, watch and trousers were normal, but only up to the knees of the being, while the lower part was obscured by the black substance of his body.
"Well, now at least he's no longer naked, assuming he was really naked before ..." The skeleton said in a tired tone, then he took a camera out of another locker and without asking for anything, took a picture of the being who was dazzled and stunned by the flash of the cam, his white eyes rolling for a few seconds, and then he dove under a chair in fear. Meanwhile, as Agent Abu tried to calm the being, Bones began to take various documents, snorting "it's time for the bureaucracy"

At dawn, the skeleton gave the being a backpack with money inside, sandwiches and an id card made at the least worst possible way and an official document telling him: "From now on you are a citizen of Monstropolis, welcome among us boy. " "Hurray!" Abu exclaimed applauding, while the being was more confused than ever. "Now Abu, could you kindly take this boy to the High school?" "Awww, aren't you coming with us?" "No, I've already worked hard enough for today, and then you know I don't like school." "Oh ok, see you later Bones!"

That said, the mummy walked the being to the car, and after getting on, began driving towards the school.

While the being looked out the window, obviously worried, all the strange creatures that wandered the streets starting their work day, the mummy at a certain point told him: "I'm sure you will have fun at the school. You will learn a lot of things about the world of monsters, and maybe you'll make friends, and you might even find a nice chick! Aaah, how much I miss that harpy ... SCOFF, my colleague Bones didn't go so cheerfully anyway, he was always targeted by bullies and the girl he liked badly chased him away on the night of the monster prom. I hope the same thing won't happen to you, huh huh.... "

At 7.50 am The police car stopped in front of the university gates, and the policeman, after getting out, also dropped the being who looked at the school in amazement ... and then frightened by the huge skull with horns on the building.
"Here we are, Spooky High, where the sweetest (or most bitter) days of youth are spent. Sigh, I almost envy you. Come on now, let's go inside!" And after taking him by the hand as you do with children, the agent dragged the being into the school, who, stiff with fear, did not take his eyes off the skull.

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