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by Nomad
Rated: E · Assignment · Other · #2248797
Character descriptions
Protagonist: Jimmy Kennedy

Jimmy works as an enforcer for an organized crime family out of Buffalo, NY. He's tough, hardened, and pretty no-nonsense. He doesn't like attachments, which makes him a loner. He just likes to do his job and go home. No fancy criminal lifestyle for him. He's an animal lover, and has a cat named Dudley.

On the outside, he seems like a bad guy. He can be, but he also has a code he abides by. Always business, never personal - and he doesn't like to do jobs where the target isn't at least a bit deserving of his fate. For example, he's not going to pop a shop owner because he's late on a payment.

He's an ex-boxer, who retired and went to join the crime family that sponsored him. He does a lot of their dirty work, like we see him finishing up at the beginning of this story.

Antagonist: Arlo Morris

Arlo's in his mid-sixties and a father of two adult children (a son and a daughter) who both live at home with him. He likes having power and control, and he exercises that over his children. He's run the Bird's Nest Tavern for the last 40 years, and has been a violent man for all of them. He feels entitled to whatever he wants, justifying it by the fact that he was born into a poor family (and acquired the Bird's Nest by illicit means). He doesn't think twice about murder, but he is very calculated in doing so. He's smarter than he appears, which is an older country type. He's roped his children into his unsavory activities.
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