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by nbuddy
Rated: E · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2248800
Chapter 1
"Misty!" She heard from her half-asleep state.
"Misty you better get down here before you miss the bus!" She realized it was her dad and not the last remnants of a dream.
"Fuck!" She yelled as she ran down the stairs still slipping the back of her shoe onto her foot. "Is there breakfast?"
"You missed it. I made sausage rolls but you couldn't be bothered to wake up so they're cold," Her father said. "Must suck to sleep in."

She huffed out a big breath. "Damnit. Schools have shit food."
"Well, then you should have got up earlier. Here's lunch," he said, handing her the plastic rectangular box she's used since she was 6.
"Make lots of friends! Now out!" He said with a chuckle as he gently pushed her out the door and closed it.

She walked down the street a bit until she saw a few people all stood at the street corner. She checked her bus pass and that was the spot. She just stood there tapping her feel gently minding her business. She heard heavy breathing and the sound of small tires coming down the sidewalk. When she turned around she some a person dragging a pole on wheels with them that had 2 pouches on it, both connected to tubes that led right to the person dragging it around. As soon as Misty saw their face she turned back around and blushed a bit.

"Holy shit they're cute." She blurted out but quickly covered her mouth.
"You really think the disabled emo kid is cute?" She heard from behind her. She shyly turned around.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud. I don't really know how to keep my mouth shut sometimes." She said scratching the back of her head. The other person chuckled.
"Nah, it's fine. I can't either sometimes." They then extended out their hand that wasn't holding onto the long pole.
"I'm Alec by the way. They/them." Misty took their hand and shook it gently.
"I'm Misty. She/her." She felt a small zap from the contact with Alec's hand.
"So, I'm gonna guess you just moved in here?"
"How'd you know?" Misty said, kind of concerned.
"No one really moves in here. This place is known for being a shit hole. Probably why I've lived where my whole life." Misty didn't understand what they meant but didn't feel the need to pry.
"My dad got a new job here and this was the only place we could afford." She said shyly. "Kind of hard to find cheap houses around here. I like it though. I haven't gotten to take a look around but I think I'll like it here."
"Most people do until they see how messed up it is here sometimes. You're lucky you haven't seen a fight yet. Or gotten slurs thrown at you. Most people transfer and move within the first couple days of being here." Alec said partly nonchalant. Misty was kind of shocked.
"I hope things go smoothly then. That wasn't really something I had to worry about before."
"Well, you've got me to hang out with if you want so you've got a shield. Pretty much anyone who hangs out with me gets made fun of for interacting with me or gets spared because they're too busy making fun of me." Misty had a look of concern in her eyes.
"Is it because of all that medical stuff you have?"
"Partly. That and the fact that I'm nonbinary and date girls. Well, am attracted to girls. All of the girls around here and straight and boy crazy."
"That's how my last school was. I did somehow manage to get a girlfriend but things didn't end well. I guess that's what happens when you live in a small conservative farm town."
"Damn. Sounds tough."

Alec was cut off by the bus pulling up the corner. Alec was the first person on and sat in the first seat so they could be alone with their stuff. Misty handed the bus driver her pass and shuffled to the seat diagonal from Alec. Misty knew she should catch feelings for Alec especially with the events that unfolded with the previous people she's loved but she just couldn't stop herself. They had such a charm to them that she just couldn't escape. She stared out the window thinking about a relationship with them. She hadn't realized how long she had been daydreaming until a voice broke her out of her thoughts.

"You scared to get off the bus or something?" She heard. She turned to see Alec standing there.
"Oh, sorry. I was lost in thought." She said scratching the back of her neck.
"You better not have fallen for me. We haven't even talked for 10 minutes." They said with a chuckle. Misty laughed too.
"Of course not. Not the type to fall for someone they just met." She said, even though she knew it was a complete lie.
"Well, let's go," Alec said before turning and walking off the bus with Misty right behind.

They walked into the courtyard and sat on the closest bench to their first period not really caring what was going on. They slipped their earbuds into their ears and waited for the bell to ring.

Misty wandered around trying to find the main office until she found it after hearing a kid walking there mumbling about how the school sucked. She walked in not knowing what to do.
"Hello, darling! What do you need help with?" Said a lady sitting behind the desk in the front.
"Uh, I'm new and just needed my schedule." She said kind of quietly.
"Alright, dear. What's your name?"
"Misty Murray."
"Alright. Your schedule will come out of that printer," the lady said pointing at the printer just behind her. "And then you're all set! Have a great first day and if you need any more help just come back around here and I can help as best as I can."
"Thank you. Have a nice day." Misty said, grabbing the paper fresh from the printer. She looked over the schedule trying to piece together how far apart everything was from the map on the back. She was excited to get to her first class if she could even find it.

The bell rang and Alec walked to class and took the seat all the way in the back corner table where they always sat after asking the teacher to stay away from everyone. All while Misty was stumbling through the halls trying to even find where to go. She eventually found the hallway and the classroom. When she walked in the teacher motioned her over.

"You must me Misty?" The teacher said.
"Yes, I am."
"I'm Mr. Rich. I'll be your art teacher for your time here, this year. Once the bell rings I'll introduce you to the class." Misty nodded and scanned the class. She saw Alec in the back and smiled. The bell rang shortly and the teacher stood up.
"Good morning class! As you can see we have a new student. Her name is Misty." She waved at her new classmates shyly.
"You can take the only open seat in the room in the back next to Alec. Alec, can you please raise your hand?" Alec raised their hand and Misty scurried to the back and took her seat.

"Do you always have the weird coincidence of meeting someone and following them around?" Alec asked not even looking at Misty.
"It's funny you ask that because I rarely make friends until at least a month into school."
"Then you must have been at your last school for a while to score a girlfriend."
"Actually, I was there only 2 quarters last year and then the first one of this one. And then I was kind of chased out of town."
"What the hell happened that they chased you out of town?" Alec said, eyes blown wide in shock.
"Alec! Misty! Could you please stop the side chatter while I am trying to explain your new assignment? I wouldn't want to give you detention on your first day Misty. And your 2nd one this month Alec." Mr. Rich said sternly.
"Sorry, sir." Misty and Alec said in unison and promptly shut up.

While Mr. Rich was speaking and writing their assignment on the board Alec pulled out a piece of paper. And wrote on it before sliding it over to Misty.
"What the fuck happened at your last school?" They asked.
"It's a long story. To condense it, my girlfriend was jumped by some dudes who found out she was a lesbian and ended up passing away from her injuries and her parents found out we were dating and the whole town came together and chased me and my dad out not before trying to convict me of a couple of crimes I didn't commit."
"What the fuck? That's the story of how you ended up In this shitty town?"
"Yep. What's your story? How long have you been here?"
"Well, 3 years ago I ended up in the hospital and being told my stomach was paralyzed and I'd need to be on a feeding tube the rest of my life and medical costs got a bit out of hand and my family was ashamed of me so we moved out here."
"That sucks. I know how it feels though. When my grandma was in the hospital after a car accident while visiting in the states and the costs were so high we had to move."
"Is your family not from here?"
"Nope. My dad and I moved here a couple of years ago from Ireland. My mom and brother still live there though. I haven't been able to see them or talk to them in a while though."
"That sucks. Well, we better get to work now. Don't wanna disrupt your A student status you put out." Alec wrote sliding the paper over to Misty one last time before standing up to go find some sketch paper to get to work.

Misty thought about Alec and her last girlfriend, and some others, and she just couldn't snap out. She sat there zoned out, staring off into space. She hadn't realized she was until everything stopped suddenly. She fell over out of her seat. Alec ran over to check on her. They checked her pulse and made sure she was breathing before saying anything.
"She's alive. Just not wake." They said trying not to care.
"I'll call the nurse. Everyone can go stand in the hall for the time being." Mr. Rich said, motioning everyone out. Alec stayed though. They felt like they just couldn't leave MIsty's side.

The nurse came soon after and did a brief physical examination.
"She might have a concussion so I will have to have her brought to a hospital and call her parents." The nurse said.
"Will she be okay though?" Alec asked a little sadness in their eyes.
"She should be. I'll go contact everyone. Mr. Rich, can you please take your students to the library for the time being? She can stay with her if she wants but only until she's leaving then she'll need to meet you in the library."
"I'm on it." He said walking out. The nurse followed out not long after, presumably going to wait outside.

Misty had moved a bit and her eyes opened a bit.
"Misty? Are you alright? Can you hear me?" Alec said, trying to hide their desperateness and failing. Misty moved her hand around until she found Alec's hand.
"Yeah. My head hurts a lot though. What happened?"
"I don't know. You just fell over and were out. The nurse said she thinks you have a concussion and is sending you to the hospital. Everyone else was sent to the library."
"And you stayed here. How romantic?" Misty said giggling slightly.
"Shut up. I know how much it sucks to faint and be alone so I felt the need to stay."
"Yeah yeah. You use excuses not to express your true feelings."
"If you weren't hurt right now I'd smack you."
"Coward," Misty said, giggling at Alec's mocking face from her comment. That was the last thing they said before the EMTs came in and took her off to the hospital. Alec looked off out the door for a few minutes after she left and looked sad. They wouldn't even admit it to themself but they were in love.
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