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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248817
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
"Ok guys, let's see if you're all there. Scott Howl?" “I'M HERE!” A beardless young werewolf yelled enthusiastically.
"Damien LaVey?"
"Yeah yeah, I'm here" grumbled a red-skinned demon.
"Vera Oberlin?" "I'm here ..." answered a Gorgon girl not taking her eyes off her cell phone.
"Polina Geist? .... Polina Geist ?? .... Last call, Polina Geist !?" Professor Ent exclaimed irritated.
After sighing, he was about to mark Polina Geist as "Absent" on the paper when suddenly, from the wall at the back of the classroom, a ghost girl appeared with a bottle of Whiskey in her hand. "I'm heeeeereee ... BUUUURP!"
"I see we're sober as always; I'm glad." the professor answered sarcastically at the girl's powerful belch.

"WOOOOW! What a scary belch Polly!" Scott said looking at her with admiration. "Eh, I could do better." the demon boy said with a grin. "Ah yesh !? do ib zo!" answered the girl who was slowly recovering from the drunkenness.
"Ugh, you have a really disgusting behavior sometimes ..." the gorgon added in disgust.

"Hush now. Let's move on to the next one: Brian ...." But the the tree man did not have time to finish that the door was suddenly opened and a mummy policeman entered all excited.


"HEY OBERON! How are you buddy !? Always the same wooden face huh?" "Funny ..." he replied irritated, dropping green leaves from his head, while the students laughed out loud.

"Oh come on, don't act like that! We were young too, remember?" "Perfectly, but cut it short now, I have a lesson to do."
"Ok ok old log! I came here with a surprise for you all!"

"Wooooahoo! What is it? What is it !? A new uniform for the school rugby team ??" Scott asked with his tail wagging.
"A 10-meter fire-breathing off-road vehicle?" Damien said ironically. "OH! I know! I know! A cascade of guacamole and nachos!" Exclaimed the ghost girl with star-shaped eyes.
"If they're not diamonds, I don't care." The gorgon said bored.
"Wrong, wrong, wrong aaaand wrong!" Abu smiled as he ran out of the classroom and came back in after two seconds pushing an all-black, white-eyed humanoid creature that was stiffer than a sleeping gargoyle.

The boys and the professor looked at the being, perplexed. He looked at them puzzled and anxious in turn, and after about a full minute,
Scott asked with a confused look: "Is the new uniform ... the one he's wearing?"

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