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April brings rainy days for spring flowers to grow, grass & trees to become greener
Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
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Winter is at last abating, longer days have arrived,
April brings warm rainy spells along with sunny skies,
Birds arrive with cheerful melodies sweet and long,
Filling the meadow of wildflowers with joyful song.

Atop the garden wall a sparrow’s boisterous sound,
Makes the grackle mock his call as robins strut around,
Looking for worms peeking out, surfacing to mate,
As starlings return to their same breeding-ground state.

The maple trees echo a symphony of sap dropping in,
As Christians observe Easter - Our Lord savior has risen,
Or remember Arbor Day by planting your own tree,
Maybe seed some April flowers, daisies, and sweet peas.

Soon a sweet scent of spring flowers will fill the air,
With a warm promise of greener grass to compare,
Migrating birds will anew return from the south,
As breezes stir the Willow, its buds are filling out.

Diamonds are April’s birth stone, delicate and gleaming,
Like the woodland brook babbles as it heads downstream,
Under the haze of emerald skies, the minnows glide
Without a trickle, they dive, then resurface wide-eyed.

O the resurrection of life under a long winter’s chill,
As the upcoming springtime makes my heart thrill,
Revive the warmth of this land to bring life once again,
Renew your great miracle that’s right around the bend.

Witness nature rising out of its cold winter’s grasp,
Where dogs can roll once again in the long-bladed grass,
In turn, listen to the rain make music on windowpanes,
Or ardent laughter as sweethearts walk down lover’s lane.

As the sun shines down and kisses the morning glory,
When the winds blow from the south, an age-old story,
Brings warmer air so every limpid brook is singing,
And put the tulips, lilies, and blue bells to ringing.

Rain, rain, come and take the last of the snow away,
I wish to plant my vegetable garden without delay,
Let this be the end of anymore surprising frosty days,
Mother Nature, if no seeding in April, how about May?

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