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Finding light is your darkness turning in light, finding yourself.
Alone in the dark, trapped in your own mind. The thought that come back on the daily to haunt you just to bring you down, running throw over and over. Never any peace, always in fear of what is next to come and what is next to be said. Always in fear of letting others down, cause you cant do it right, or always doing thing wrong. Scared that if you say no to someone or to a task that you risk hurting other and yourself. You bring your self down and tell yourself you will never be good enough, till one day. One day you will fine the one soul, that one special someone that will see you fighting yourself, will see your inner pain and see your true beauty, and see you for who you really are. that one light in the night sky and blazing sun, that will help you when you least expect it, when you don't even realize you don't need it. You will come to see what has become of yourself, and slowly you will start to change. Slowly you and your light, your soulmate and your one true love will get back to what matter most in the world. You will become more aware of your surroundings and you emotions. you are are beautiful and strong, you may not to be able to do it alone, and you may think you will be alone in this world for ever. But one day, one day you will find you Light and you will find yourself and you will be able to do any thing. just wait, your time is coming. It may not be today or tomorrow, or a week form now. it may even take a year or two. They are on there way looking for you as you are looking for them.
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