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by Mac
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2248864
Vivi puts herself under and has Robin instill the ability to do whatever it takes.
Vivi took one last look over the script she had written for Robin. She was a little worried about this, she didn't even know if this would work, after all she had never had someone else do the induction, it had always been her, and maybe her teacher before that. Robin meanwhile was mumbling to herself, repeating the parts of the script she remembered from when her and Vivi had gone over it.

Vivi had been smart, she had written out the script, and then had Robin read it to her, to ensure that Robin could read her handwriting, and to ensure she had not misspelled any words. It took a few readings by Robin before Vivi felt satisfied, but now she did.

Vivi looked up from the paper with the script and smiled before asking Robin the thing she had asked many times already, "and you are loyal to me?"

Robin looked up and smiled, "I would do anything for you princess, you made me that way."

A part inside Vivi smiled very brightly at that, having, the second in command in Baroque Works, this older, much more world traveled woman, willing to do anything for her, well, it made the part of her that was a princess and knew that someday she would be queen delighted. Satisfied, Vivi handed Robin the paper and then walked over to the mirror.

"Okay", Vivi started, "I want you to look away from me", Vivi chuckled to herself, "no matter how hard it is. Wait one minute after I say I am starting, to start the script."

"Yes, princess", Robin answered back, before turning her back to the princess. Vivi was right however, Robin really did not want to look away from the princess now, she chuckled to herself, Robin knew it was because of the hypnosis, but she could not help herself, she loved the princess.

Vivi stared at herself in the mirror, she had put back on the dress with the spirals for this moment. She admired it for a second before starting the dance, she had taken to wearing it so often lately, and she was going to probably need to wear it more in the future. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, realizing she was going to probably make another one or two copies of this dress. "I'm starting." Vivi declared to the turned around Robin.

Vivi started the dance, slowly she started to shake her butt from side to side, letting the motions become stronger the longer she went on. At the same time, she was starting to slowly make her body move in a circular motion, first slowly, and then faster. This went on for a minute, the motions becoming stronger and faster, till Robin started the induction.

"Watch the spirals", Robin said, and Vivi started to watch the spirals more closely.

"They guide you", Robin commanded, and Vivi started to follow the spirals, causing her motions to become faster, bringing her further into the trance.

"The spirals are all that exist", Robin said, her voice coming out stronger than Vivi had expected. At this point all Vivi could see were the spirals, they were her everything.

"You have to watch the spirals", Robin said, and Vivi's eyes focused harder, she had to watch the spirals

"They are your everything", Robin said, and Vivi focused even harder, the shirt disappeared, all that remained was the spirals.

"I am leading you by leading the spirals." Robin said, and Vivi had no reason to doubt the voice, she was following the spirals, and they were leading her.

"You will listen to what I say and you will repeat it, it will become the truth to you." Robin explained to Vivi. Vivi did not respond out loud but she slightly nodded her head.

The next part Vivi had taken verbatim from her initial trance, she wanted to strengthen this part before she focused on the part that was giving her the troubling thoughts.

"You will repeat after me", Robin said.

"I will repeat after you." Vivi responded back.

"Anything you say is true", Robin said.

"Anything I say is true", Vivi responded back.

"You want to stop Baroque Works", Robin said.

"I want to stop Baroque Works", Vivi replied.

"You will do whatever you can to stop Baroque Works", Robin said.

"I will do whatever I can to stop Baroque Works", Vivi replied.

"You will not feel guilty for what you have to do", Robin said."

"I will not feel guilty for what I have to do", Vivi replied.

"You will do whatever it takes", Robin said.

"I will do whatever it takes", Vivi replied.

With the doubling on her initial trance, Vivi had thought that might be enough to make her able to do whatever it took, but she was still worried, worried that she might not be able to do whatever it takes to save the kingdom, she still had a moral compass, something that she was afraid would have to be weakened. Robin then started the next part of the induction. The part Vivi had just written down a little time ago.

"By saying you will do whatever it takes, you truly mean, whatever it takes." Robin explained to the Vivi.

"By saying I will do whatever it takes, I truly mean, whatever it takes." Vivi replied back, her conviction growing stronger in her mind.

"If you have to break a law to save Alabaster you will." Robin said.

"If I have to break a law to save Alabaster I will", Vivi answered back, her moral compass weakening slightly.

"That means, if you have to do bad things to get on Baroque Works good side, you will, it is all to save Alabaster in the end." Robin explained.

"That means, if I have to do bad things to get on Baroque Works good side, I will, it is all to save Alabaster in the end." Vivi repeated, her conviction growing.

"If you have to lie to save Alabaster you will." Robin said.

"If I have to lie to save Alabaster I will." Vivi repeated.

"If you have to steal to save Alabaster you will." Robin said.

"If I have to steal to save Alabaster I will." Vivi repeated.

"If you have to kill to save Alabaster you will." Robin said, bringing it to the one point that Vivi had struggled with. Vivi had hoped that by breaking down her moral compass, and bringing up lesser crimes before hand, she could commit to this moment and now was the moment, Robin waited with baited breath for the answer.

"If I have to kill to save Alabaster I will", Vivi answered back, Robin smiled, the plan had worked, Vivi would be happy when she brought her out of the trance. With that completed, it was time to bring her out of the trance, however at that moment there was a knock on the door.

"Princess Vivi have you gone to sleep?" Igaram, standing outside of the room asked. "I see the light is on, I am going to check on you if you don't answer." He declared.

Robin was worried for less than a second, then she calmed down, she would just talk to Igaram and get him to leave.

Robin walked up to the door and opened it. Igaram stood there for a moment before looking inside and seeing Vivi looking at herself in the mirror. Satisfied that the princess looked safe he looked at this stranger in the doorway.

"Who are you?" He asked Robin.

"I'm Nico Robin", she answered back.

Back in the room, Vivi repeated, "you are Nico Robin", something that Igaram didn't hear, but Robin did. A small smile grew on Robin's face, she had broken the script, and the world had not ended, things were fine, in fact, they could be more than fine.

"Yes, but who are you?" Igaram answered back.

"I am Princess Vivi's servant, her most loyal one in fact. You know how the princess put under a Baroque Works member earlier today and invited them here, that was me." Robin answered.

"You are my servant, my most loyal one in fact. I know how I put under a Baroque Works member earlier today and invited them here, that was you." Vivi repeated soft enough for Robin to hear, but not Igaram.

"Don't worry about things, I would never steer her wrong." Robin said, pushing what she wanted a little more, it was true, what she said, but if she could make the princess trust her more, that would be good for both.

"Don't worry about things, you would never steer me wrong." Vivi repeated. In her mind, where Igaram had been her most loyal servant, he had been replaced, now she trusted Nico Robin, the most of all her servants.

Igaram looked Robin up and down, "I could have sworn that Princess Vivi said she put under was a guy."

Robin showed she didn't know by raising her arms and then leaned in to Igaram, whispering so Vivi would not hear this. "I am giving her private information about Baroque Works right now and I would rather have it just go to her, her being the princess and all. If she chooses to share it with you I have no issue with that, but till then, can you please go."

Igaram looked over at the woman, then inside at Vivi, then cleared his throat in his particular way. "Mah-Mah-Maah, Princess Vivi, I shall be right outside this door, if anything happens please scream and I will come running in right away."

Igaram left the room and turned around and Robin smiled at Vivi, Vivi was barely moving now, probably just enough to keep her in the trance and Robin's look was only for a second, just enough to make sure Vivi was there. She quickly looked away, not wanting to possibly fall under when she went back to the script. There was only one line left before Vivi was going to be brought out.

"Never forget, you will do whatever it takes to save Alabaster." Robin said.

"Never forget, I will do whatever it takes to save Alabaster." Vivi replied back.

Robin then began the process of bringing Vivi out of the trance.

"You will now stop repeating me and slowly come out of this trance. When I count to 5 you will wake up and remember what you have done.

1, starting to wake.

2, becoming more awake.

3, opening you eyes.

4, almost wide awake.

5, awake."

Vivi looked up and saw herself in the reflection. She looked over at Robin and felt relieved that she was there. "Miss Robin, did everything go well?" She asked her servant.

"I believe so princess", Robin started, "only one way to find out though. Do you think you would struggle to kill a member of Baroque Works if you had to?"

Vivi thought for a moment, she really didn't want to kill, but these people were trying to take over her kingdom, "yes, I think if it came down to it, I could kill to save the kingdom", Vivi declared to herself, then smiled. "It worked", she said to herself, before sighing.

"What's wrong princess?" Robin asked.

Vivi thought for a moment then answered while looking downward, "well, I am okay with killing now, the old me wasn't. It is just sad, that I had to do this to save my kingdom."

"Don't worry", Robin answered, "all leaders have to make decisions like this, and with me and Mr. 9 under your power you are becoming quite a leader. Hell, with you being a princess, you will someday be a queen, and then you will need to make even harder decisions."

Vivi looked up, "you know what, Miss Robin, you are right."

Robin smiled, the princess had taken what she had said and agreed with it, she truly saw her as a trusted advisor. Inwardly Robin chuckled, it was a good thing the princess had made her loyal, otherwise Robin could have used this to take over the Kingdom of Alabaster herself.

Robin then sighed, "well, with that done, I need to be leaving soon."

Vivi looked up, a glint of sadness in her eyes.

Robin saw that look and started to laugh out loud, she felt the same way. "Don't worry princess, I will be back by your side soon, but I have some work to do. Like I said earlier, Mr.9 will not be able to get you into Baroque Works, he will need me to vouch for you." Robin considered her options before explaining her plan. "Here is what I am going to tell Sir Crocodile, you came in and it was obvious that you were the princess." Vivi wanted to interrupt here, but Robin held up her hand, "please let me finish."

"You were obviously the princess, but this is a chance to have you under out surveillance, I will volunteer to watch over you and your partner, Mr. 9, and keep an eye on you. This will be appealing to Sir Crocodile because he loves giving people hope before he takes it away." Robin then motioned to Vivi that she could now respond.

"You know what", Vivi said, to herself in the mirror, before looking at Robin, "I believe you."

A smile formed on Robin's face, pleased to help her princess and to be counted on. "Well", Robin said, "I must be going then." She was about to leave before she remembered.

"Oh, before I leave, Igaram came in while you were in your trance, I explained that I was brought under by you earlier today and am your loyal servant, so if he asks who I am, that is what I said."

"I understand." Vivi responded.

"I will see you again soon princess." Robin said, before walking out of the room. She smiled to Igaram as she passed him and headed off the boat. Her boat was on the other side of Nanimonai Island and she was going to need to get to Crocodile and convince him that this was a good idea.
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