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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248873
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
"I don't think that's the surprise, big bad fool." Damien said with a laugh.

"Awww," the werewolf boy replied, lowering his tail and arms, saddened.

"However, this is really a ssssurprise ..." the gorgon girl said with her eyes wide open, as the snakes on her head looked curiously at the black being.

"Abu, can you please explain it to me?" She asked the tree man again in surprise.
"Sure! Basically me and our big, nice friend Bones, were guarding the town proudly and fearlessly on the night shift, when suddenly ..."
"Cut it short." "Okay, okay. In short, he's a former human and a new monster companion! Say hello to your schoolmates, come on!"

But the being did nothing but stand and watch them tremble. "Eh eh eh ... sorry, he's a bit shy ... and I think he's also speechless ... excuse me for a second!" And after dragging the being by the collar, Abu from out of class took the being's arm and lifted it, waving it, saying in a phony tone: "Hi hi, it's a pleasure to meet you, cool schoolmates!"

"Hello new buddy! Nice to meet you!" Scott responded excitedly, waving his hand in turn.

"Scott,is the cop who's talking behind him ..." said a purple-skinned vampire with glasses and a suspender dress.

"What are you saying Liam !? He's clearly the new guy greeting us! Hi new boo!"
Polly said waving her hand too in response to the being, smiling. "Ugh, who cares ..." the hipster vampire retorted with a tone of defeat.

After that, the policeman re-entered the class and gave the document that the being had, to the professor.

"Here is Oberon, his official document, please take it to the giant spider principal!" "Uff, that's fine Abu, but may this be the last time you suddenly bring me a new student" "You can count on it!" the agent answered with a wink and pointing his index fingers at the professor.
"Well it's time to part, boy. Good luck for your future! Bye-bye!"

That said, the mummy walked away leaving the being alone in the class, who did nothing but stare at his new schoolmates (whatever that meant), with the little creature poking out of his shoulder and watching. , with a worried face, the boys and the professor.

"Okay new student, please, go sit at the desk at the end of the class." Professor Ent said as he resumed his roll call.

The being, however, could not move, although he was getting used to the sight of these "monsters", now another fear that he had never felt was blocking his body, a fear that made him think:
"What now? What if I stumble and everyone laughs at me?"
"I don't know what they do here, after I sit down, what do they expect me to do?" etc.
But suddenly, a second black creature in the shape of an eel emerged from the shoulder of the being, like the other but this time from the right shoulder, under the amazed eyes of the students.

The black being calmed down again and also the other little creature, who began to exchange a few words with the newborn in a series of incomprehensible whispers, and clutching their tiny hands.

Meanwhile the being went to the chair, but as soon as he lowered himself to sit down, the demon boy caught the leg of the chair with his tail, pulling it out from under his butt and making the being fall on the ground with a confused look, while his little creatures were sulking at the demon.

"Be careful noob, the fact that you are a newcomer does not mean that I will go easy on you, eh eh!" Damien said mockingly.

"Damien! You're not nice at all! Excuse him, Boo, Damien can't really control himself sometimes." The ghost girl said as she pulled the creature off the ground, which gave her a thankful look.
"Speak miss self-control ..." the demon muttered, with an irritated tone.


Two hours later, at the end of the lesson, the students and the black being left the classroom for school break.
The being was looking at the notes in the notebook he had received with his backpack, the things he had written in class while looking at the other students.
Apparently, this world has portals that monsters and demons used to visit, not exactly nice, the race of humans in the dimension attached to theirs, and one of these portals is located right in an undefined spot in the forest. next to the school, but obviously the access is forbidden to students and unauthorized monsters.

But suddenly, the being bumped into someone, and when he raised his head, he saw in front of him a huge and hairy being, with a red tie around his neck, with eight long legs and 4 huge black eyes that scrutinized him. .
"Ah, you must be the former human and new student. Professor Ent brought me the document a few seconds ago. I'm Principal Spider, I welcome you to Spooky High. "
And as he said this, the giant spider raised one of its eight legs towards the student, like a hand to shake.

But the black being did not move a finger, and did not even hear the words that the spider had addressed to him, since a thousand voices in his head were yelling at him to run away, while his white eyes could not help but look at the black ones and huge of the principal.
"Are you okay boy?" The headmaster asked worriedly to the black creature.
But it did not answer, and as he continued to hear the voices screaming in his head, everything around him began to spin and blur: his body of black matter throbbed like never before, and the two little creatures on his shoulders were screeching and wriggling. strongly, then everything went black, and he fell unconscious on the corridor floor....

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