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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248895
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
Darkness, darkness again.
"Am I back in my world? Or was it all the work of my imagination and I never moved from here?" thought the black being.

At a certain point, however, he saw a light in front of him and heared a distant voice calling him ....
"Wake up ..." He moved a little closer to the light.
"Wake Up." He came very close to the light.
"FUCKING WAKE UP!" The voice screamed at him, and the light suddenly enveloped the black being. In fright he suddenly opened his eyes and jumped off the bed in the school infirmary.

"How rude! You could have woken him up in a kinder way!" Said a little mermaid girl with pink skin and a crown on her red hair. Looking at Damien, with puffy cheeks and a frowning face.

"Oh yeah? Like burning his pillow !?" asked the demon boy with a big grin on his face (This guy is a little bit pyromaniac)

"Ugh, no silly. With a kiss!" "W-what?" the surprised demon replied as his cheeks turned pink.
"With a true love kiss, it usually works with princesses!"
"Are you serious?" Said the demon, whose embarrassed face became a disgusted face.
"Sure! I mean: he's not a princess, and he's not even a noble, but maybe if you kissed him it would have worked!" She said smiling innocently. "Whatever ..." answered the demon, lowering his head, tired of the childish speech.

Meanwhile the black Being was looking and listening confused at the two, and the girl turned her gaze to him and said, "Oh, what a rude I have done! Allow me to introduce myself, my dear dark creature: My name is Miranda Vanderbilt, and I am 16 years old. I am the fourth daughter of the Vanderbilts, the rulers of Merkingdom by several generations, and I am delighted to make your acquaintance. "

And meanwhile, she held out her pink little hand to the Being, who looked at her for a moment and then shook her hand, shaking it, as he had seen other monsters do while he was in the police car.

She immediately jumped back and said, "Eeeew, you are slimy as squid ink! And most of all, has no one ever taught you how to behave with a noblewoman ???" Meanwhile Damien rolled on the ground holding his belly.

Then she looked at the face of the being in amazement, and she realized now that he didn't actually have it.

"Oooh, I'm really sorry, I didn't notice your sad deformity!" She said bowing her head, while the Being and her little creatures on her shoulders gave a look of reassurance.
"And since you're not one of the airpeople, I won't have to get you out of school like Daddy taught me." She added with an eerie grin on her face. And the poor black Being and his little creatures began to tremble in concern again. The girl was more dangerous than she seemed.

"Well, we've talked enough, let's go to the gym guys" Said the demon boy who got up off the ground. "Today is one of my favorite activities: Dodgeball!" "Yuch, why do you like this activity so much? It's a commoners sport!" asked the little mermaid in disgust.
"Why? Because it's one of the few sports where I can throw balls after having inflamed them, that's why!" He replied with his large grin.
But before he walked out the door, he turned to the Black Being and held out his hand and said, "I haven't even introduced myself yet: I'm Damien LaVey, I'm 18 years old and I'm a prince of the Hell." He said with a reassuring smile.

The Being shook his hand, while the little creatures on his shoulders lowered their heads in greeting.

"Maybe these monsters aren't that scary", the Being thought, slightly reassured.

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