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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248935
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
"Ok kids, today I want to see you use the fullest of your energies! Come on! Determination! Fatigue! Sweat!!!"
shouted smiling the coach, as usual he was beaming and cheerful.

"Uuugh, do we have to do gymnastics? And I thought I didn't have to train anymore, now that I'm dead!" Polly exclaimed in exasperation.
"Ha ha ha. Look Polly, sport is very important! You'll never gain muscle if you don't train!" Scott said smiling.

"Er, Scott, you know I'm a ghost right?" She replied with a frown. "Certainly my friend! But this is no excuse to avoid training!" He continued, not understanding the meaning of the question.
"Forget it ..." she said, closing her eyes in resignation.

Suddenly, Damien, Miranda and the black Being arrived in their tracksuits. "You're finally here! Oh, and he must be the new kid! Welcome to the world of monster sports, new student!" The tiger man coach said, still smiling.
This time incredibly, The Being did not feel fear, perhaps it was because of the great joy of the coach.

"Ok, since you are new now I will explain how dodgeball works here: in a nutshell, it's like the dodgeball of humans, but here the students are allowed to 'upgrade' the balls, of course they can't use telekinesis and stuff, but for example: freezing the ball to make it sticky is allowed. Do you understand everything? "

The Being to tell the truth would have preferred to know more about the rules of the game, but Damien came and said, "Stay calm dude; This is how the game works: You avoid the balls and we win, so we are all happy. But if you make us lose, I'll give you a good brush up afterwards, clear noob? "

The Being obviously grasped the concept, and shook his head strongly, in fear, and so did the little creatures on his shoulders.

"Ok kids, put your teams in position: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... FIIII!"

The coach took the whistle hanging from his throat and started the game, and, coincidentally, all the opponents began to target the newcomer.

But he proved more agile than expected, and dodged most of his opponents' balls, writhing his dark matter body and moving at high speed. More than skill was the fear of being hit, which made him move.
"Woooohooow! Look what moves the newcomer uses!" Scott cheered.
"Eh, you are more agile than expected noob! If I ever have to fix you it will be a lot of fun" Damien said, increasing the anxiety of the Being, who dodged the balls even faster.

"Sgrunt, dodge this then, you ugly gnat!" Angrily exclaimed a troll boy, who used all his strength to throw his last ball towards the face of the Being, who, unable to dodge in time, was hit in full, and when his black head burst into a puddle of dark matter , his body wobbled for a moment and then fell.

Suddenly, everything stopped. All the students were speechless, including Polly, who raised her sunglasses, with a shocked face.

Scott instead yelled in panic:
"Oooh, mygodmygodmygodmygodmygodmygod! Shadow boy! Please don't abandon us!" And he began to take the body of the Being, shaking it as hard as he could, and screaming with tears: "Quick! Someone call Doctor Octopus! Or the witches of the Coven!"

But no one did anything except lower their heads in sadness ..... But suddenly the black puddle, which used to be a head, quickly crawled over the body in the werewolf boy's arms and rebuilt itself. And so the head of the Being reappeared and looked at the weeping werewolf with a worried look.
Scott calmed himself, and hugged the Being in a strong hug, saying, "Oh, thank goodness. I thought I'd lost my new buddy!"
All the other students cheered in relief, and the Being put his arms on Scott's back, hugging him back, while his little creatures clapped their tiny hands on the big boy's shoulders to calm him down.

"I admit the scene we saw wasn't that normal, but it was pretty obvious," said Liam the vampire snobbishly in the locker room. "Obvious? OBVIOUS !? But his head had exploded!" Damien answered in an angry tone. "Well, you have to admit we could have foreseen it though. A shadow being is more difficult to get rid of than that, it's a cliché that is often seen in movies and ... in books ..." Liam retorted, who at the last words he lowered his voice, whispering the word "books" in a thoughtful tone.

"Whatever. It's impossible to argue with you sometimes. I wonder how I manage to be close to a nerd like you!" Damien said, but Liam didn't listen to him and just said "Mh mh"

"Oh here come Scott and the shadow boy! Big move that of the head! FUCKING METAL!" The demon said wrapping his arm around the black Being's neck, who raised his eyebrows and closed his white eyes, making a happy face.

But suddenly, Damien squeezed his arm tightly around the Being's neck and said, "But try to give us a heart attack again and I'll kick your ass for a week!" And in response the shadow boy raised his trembling thumb in agreement.

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