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by Kitbok
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Satan tempted Eve by these words

" ...your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God..." Gen. 3:5.(NIV)

The Lord God put them in Eden,
The best place to live indeed;
Oh! they should be content,
They got everything they need.

But Satan was not happy,
This privilege given to human;
To spoil their relationship with God,
He carefully devised a plan.

To get them out from the garden of Eden,
With subtleness he used these words;
"And your eyes will be opened,
And you will be like God".

Who doesn't want to be like that?
Who doesn't want to be like God?
The weakness of the human heart,
Succumbed to these deceitful words.

So Satan knew the hearts of men,
They wanted more than what they need;
Especially things forbidden,
To satisfy their human greed.

The truth is that all human hearts,
Sometimes they want to be like God;
They'll do anything, they'll work so hard,
Forbidden ways willing to trod.

But what happened to Adam and Eve?
After the forbidden fruit they have tasted?
Alas ! When they opened their eyes,
They knew they were naked.

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