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by Ranuix
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2248949
This is just a fanfiction, Monster prom was not created by me but by "Beautiful Glitch"
The lunchtime bell rang, and the students lined up in the cafeteria to take their meal, among them there was obviously also the Black Being, or as everyone called "the shadow boy".

The aforementioned shadow boy, after taking a tray and taking a plate with lasagna, a bread, a glass of water, cutlery and a napkin, set about looking for an isolated place where he could eat, or rather: where he could figure out what he had to do with the stuff he had in his hand in that place of the school. He had never eaten or drank in 6 billion years and he had never felt the need, besides the fact that in the world of darkness there was practically nothing; so food, drinks and the tools to consume them and how, were all unknown to him.
After sitting at a completely empty table, the shadow boy began to examine the food and water in the glass, taking the lasagna in his hand and showing it to his little creatures on his shoulders, who did nothing but raise their small arms and shake. the head in denial.

Just when he was about to give up on that "food", he felt a hand grip on his shoulder, and looking back, he saw a monster boy staring at him, a boy with skin and a green jacket, half decomposed mouth, skull a little open on the right side from which you could see the brain and the dull gaze, which said slowly: "Dude ... this is our place ..."

The shadow boy dropped the lasagna he was holding onto his plate, and from his fear he was about to get up and run away from the canteen,
but intervened a black-haired girl with a white stripe in the middle, some seams on some parts of her body and a bolt on one side of the neck and also on the other, wearing a blue shirt, who said to the zombie boy: "Brian! Don't scare the new student! He couldn't have known this was our place! "

"It wasn't my intention Vicky .... sorry shadow boy ..." said the zombie named Brian.

The shadow boy shook his hand as if to say "No problem"
and meanwhile a brown-skinned girl joined them, wearing a red jacket, and with a fire to replace her hair.
"Here I am guys, I finally got my lunch ... Oh, you are the newcomer! Whats'up bro?" She said the girl making a sign with two fingers to the boy, which he replied with the same sign, hoping it wasn't a bad gesture.

"Well, since we're at it, why don't all four of us eat together, what do you think Amira?" Vicky asked. "It's okay for me," Amira replied
"No problem ..." the zombie boy added, still with his face dull.

After sitting down, the trio introduced themselves to the shadow boy, shaking his hand: "My name is Vicky Schmidt, I was and I am 20 years old."
"I'm Amira Rashid, and i'm 17 years old!" Added the girl with the red jacket.
"Brian Yu ... 18 years old ...." said for last the zombie.

"And what's your name?" Vicky asked smiling to the shadow boy.
"Vicky, our friend here doesn't have a mouth, haven't you noticed?" Amira said, whispering in her ear.
She opened her eyes wide and immediately apologized to the boy, then the 3 students began to eat, while the shadow boy remained to observe them.

"Aren't you hungry?" Vicky asked. "Look, the day is still long dude, you should eat" Amira added muttering with her mouth full of food.
"Girls .... I think he doesn't know or can't eat ...." Brian said instead.
"Nonsense, Polly Geist is a ghost and yet she eats and drinks a lot! Come on Shadow boy, here comes the airplane!" And Amira took a forkful of lasagna and moved it a little around the face of the being like to a baby, which he followed attentively with his white eyes, but when she put the fork on the place where the mouth was supposed to be, he absorbed both lasagna and fork.
The trio looked at him in surprise, and after a couple of seconds the shadow boy's white eyes widened.

"This stuff .... it's..... GREAT!" The boy screamed in his head, who immediately took the plate full of lasagna with his hands, and thrust it into the place where the belly should be, absorbing it all.

After a few seconds, he pulled the plate and fork out of his belly, completely clean and dry, and one of his creatures on his shoulders burped, while the other massaged his small belly, satisfied.

"Eh eh eh ... what did I tell you? ... Everyone eats!" Amira said with a nervous laugh.

"Yoooo, colors trio! Can I borrow the shadow buddy? I have to show him the rest of the school!"

"Okay Scott, no problem!" answered Vicky before the others, looking dreamily at The Werewolf Boy.

"Thank you so much Vicky! Come here buddy! I'll show you all the beauties of Spooky High!" And after lifting him with both arms, Scott took the shadow boy away.

"Uff, I just hope they don't get in trouble." Amira sighed, while Brian ate a piece of raw meat in silence.

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