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by Norman
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I never was a math whiz
There are no superheroes
No one to save the day
If that is what you hoped for
I’m sorry it’s that way

No Superman or Batman
Can help you with this mess
The only one beside you
Is me, no more, no less

But I will try to help you
If you will trust in me
Will that be enough though?
We’ll have to wait and see

So show me what you have here
It’s been a long, long time
I never was a math whiz
Not even in my prime

It looks like you have fractions
Well, that can’t be so bad
Yeah, maybe I can help you
Just trust your dear old dad

So let me sit here with you
And show you what to do
Hey, maybe it is easy
Like adding two and two

The number on the top there
They call a numerator
And that one down below it
Is called denominator

The trick with adding fractions
Just make them look the same
You match the bottom numbers
And then you’ll win the game

So let’s try one example
Let’s see what we can do
If I can make this happen
Then you can do it too

Umm, maybe I’m mistaken
I seem to have this wrong
Or maybe they have changed things
It’s been so very long

I don’t know what I’m doing
I think I made things worse
Forget what I just whispered
It isn’t nice to curse

You know I’d like to help you
I did the best I could
But when it comes to fractions
I guess I’m not too good

So when you’re doing homework
And it’s not going nice
Just listen to your father
And take his wise advice

Go ask your mother

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