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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Horror/Scary · #2248981
What if Covid-19 was the start of the end? For a woman, Chris it's no longer a question.
WARNING: Reader Advisory

The following material has inappropriate language and violence and may not be suitable for some readers. If you are not of appropriate age please do not read this story, thank you.

Chapter 1: The End of the World

COVID-19 that is what they called it, the disease that took over the world. It presented with flu symptoms and before you knew it people were dropping dead and that's all it was, the dead were dead end of story. Then they introduced a vaccine, a cure that would eliminate the virus and all it took was one needle in the arm. Sure people weren't getting sick anymore, but that was the problem people were thriving. Injuries healed twice as fast and for a while it was so that we believed we had found a cure all to all human sickness. Though as people do when they think they're invincible, they begun to use their newfound good for evil and for a bank robber Ned Harris this meant the first ever zombie. He was low on luck as was everybody, the pandemic was making times hard. So he did the unthinkable and right as he was holding a clergy at the local bank at gun point. A cop showed up advising Ned to drop his weapon, but Ned had nothing to lose and turned to shoot the cop. Though before he could fire his gun, the officer took action and put one right in the chest and so Ned dropped. Then blood poured onto the tile floor and everyone shrieked it was a whole "thing". Suddenly something happened... Ned rose up. Though Ned wasn't feeling quite himself and he didn't look quite himself either. Shots were fired, but essentially chaos broke out and for a little town called, Mercy at the local bank it was the beginning of the end if the world.

~2 Years Later~

Smoke descended from the lungs of a young blonde woman prompt lazily against a brick wall. She closed her eye's in relaxation, each drag of her pursed lips a release of sweet, sweet endorphins. Static crackled from a speaker looming above her.
"Chris, what are you doing. You know those thing can kill you right?" The static rang clear with the voice of a middle aged man.
"Murphy, it's a goddamn zombie apocalypse an you're worried about a cigarette, really?" Chris replied with irritation.
"That's exactly my point, with those things out there you really want one more excuse to die?" Murphy replied with reason the static of the speaker encompassing his voice.
Christine sighed heavily, lazily dropping the cigarette from her postured hand and stamping it out with a combat boot. Pushing herself from the brick wall she looked adjacent from herself to the center of a video camera lens and spread her arms in a gesture of surrender.
"Happy?" She protested and turned toward the building entering a door.
Upon entering the room Chris was confronted by a snarling humanoid creature, rushing Chris with a emaciated body and dead eyes.
"Ugh!" Chris exclaimed falling backward with the creature out the door in a fight for survival.
Chris narrowed her eyes at the bony creature advancing in a series of menacing bites at the air.
"Not today!" Chris exclaimed digging her foot in the floor with a grounding stance and pushing the creature back. With quick recovery the creature re-stood and wailed with a distorted screech and began to charge toward Chris at a dead run, but before the creature could close the distance Chris pulled a golden revolver from a holster on her hip lodging it into the creatures mouth. BANG the gun sounded and the creature dropped lifelessly to the floor.
"Hmff" Chris exhaled loudly reposing herself to a upright position and raising her head slightly in triumph.

(To be continued...)

Please comment on what you liked about the story, suggestions and what you would like to see happen next and I will consider updating with your suggestions with honorable mentions at the end of each story. *Wink*
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