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A tribute to my autistic son.
Every piece is one I love, constructed with a mother's love.
Every piece is in it's place to reflect the owner of my son's face.
Every piece makes up a person and that person is you.
I love you with every piece, because every piece of you is a part of me.
So why is it so hard for others to see, what I see.
When I look upon your face I see possibility and endless space,
For laugh, For Love, For Learning...
Though for you my heart is burning, because it's a big scary, bad world out there and to them not all the pieces fit.
It's hard to think of a life in which I am missing a piece of my heart.
It's hard for me to believe that we could ever part; though we will and that scares me.
So I revel in every moment we spend together, all the past in which our bodies were tethered, because one of the greatest pieces of me, is the one that became you.
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