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Detective/ Mystery. Adrico encounters the scene and with detective tries to solve it
Innocent Adrico - APP1

Adrico Albert Partincon, skin tough and brittle and eyes always questioning theories of science, he had dark brown eyes and almost wore a stern expression of seriousness and heavy calmness, he had a great interest of the world of fiction in particular, a character named Myles Morales, and like him had nearly the same type of appearance. He liked solving puzzles, and was recently interested in detective/mystery novels. People acknowledged his quiet unchanging manner, and did not see him as a nerd but an intellectual. Teachers were impressed by his mind and were impressed by his classwork. He came from a middle - class area in Africa, who were very ethical and never missed a celebration in culture. He walked confidently, but wasn't swift in speed, it took him way too long to reach school. Although had a stoic expression, He had a great spirit and always carried an air of respect and welcoming. He had a great flake of hair, long dark black large plats sticking out in each direction. And had a great curiosity of danger, and an electric passion for adventure.

Walking in the empty night, was Adrico, always sticking earphones in his ears, enjoying the uninterrupting silence. He wore brown specs. The lamps bright, yet slowly losing their light. Flickr.. the majority of lights slightly dimed, and a few completely shut off. Within a matter of seconds, the darkness won, with the light's vigorous attempt to fight back was completely nullified. Chilly air was slowly creeping to Adrico, the air was slightly heavy and weighed like a hundred tonnes of steel. Light fog quickly forming all around Adrico, even though it had the feel of smog. For Adrico, it felt like a dementor from Harry Potter was present slowing crushing his airways, for any intake of breath. The full moon, previously shining was now blocked by the few grey clouds. As he kept walking, as the fog slightly started to clear, saw a pretty looking cat, looking as if as Romeo (Shakespeare) would say “Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath...”. Slightly unsettled, he took a step back, wanting to investigate further at the matter, although seemed trivial since was only a cat, but he prodded further curiously wondering if it was overtired, dead, or if the cat simply turned pale, because of the absence of affection, food or even will.

Ignoring the scene, yet still fresh on his mind, he started by speed walking through the streets. His earphones left slowly patting on his chest. Wondering if he should reveal the information he's just seen, as he would carefully examine a predicted confused expression on his parents faces. He walked on as a few moments pass, he reached home, and behind him was the full moon uncovered and shining bright like a star. And the chilly air settled as the calm night air retook it's position. The lamps flickered and regained there light, however were dim, like a torch slightly losing it's energy of the batteries. He came home. As his parents were playfully bickering, at what ingredients should be used to bake a unique new sort of food, that was once made by carefully adding key ingredients like simple flour, grinded chunky bits and other forgotten ingredients. He remembered as flour was used to help bake the ingredient, and Adrico who was only five, as the flour packet opened still in the packet, thought it looked like packed snow, and raised his clumsy chubby hand upon the package and happily claimed it on his hand, throwing up on the air, as his dad, who felt clean and refreshed cleaning himself. Now was as white as a snowman, as his mum walked in and the little Adrico giggling and clapping his hands, shouting snow out loud. His mum, amused ready to add a carrot on his nose.

Adrico grinned as he remembered his mother telling this story over a hundred times, and the Dad shaking his head, but slightly grinning of the memory. Adrico walked closer to his parents, opening his mouth, then decided to go upstairs. Upon entering the room, there were a fair amount of posters mostly about the same comic book character. Who always carried the same message, "with great power comes great responsibility". His bed slightly messy and Adrico rushing to his bed, jumped up and was now laying on his bed. Head phones on listening to the music that contained the line: Wassup danger. His father, average - looking, without glasses, walked in the room. Their eyes met, and Albert, sat down on the bed, noticing that his son wanted to talk earlier. His voice was deep, and had a low tone, he was well liked, and was mostly the calm sort of person. He asked and Adrico told. His expression was understanding, although confused was very relaxed. He told Adrio - Unlike your comic books and other fiction, um there comes a time where things may seem odd, although they may not be fake or imaginary - with the right judgement - can have traces of pushing against the comfort of reality - on to the unexpected. And you have two choices to ignore, tell an adult and then ignore, or follow the guides making sure to stay out of danger - and carefully decipher the meanings - for example this cat - using your head and heart - to forge through any distractions that may hold you back - and see clear what's responsible for the actions. Ok Dad was the reply, as the father carefully stood up and made his way to his wife.

Adrico blasting out his music until his head vibrated giving a faint ding dong rhythm. His father called out, as Adrico heard the familiar Breaking News. He came downstairs, without headphones, looking at his parents perplexed, like looking at a mirror.

The Breaking News - APP2

On the 4K television, news reporters were looking deadly serious.
The living room was fairly huge in size, but didn't carry any expensive furniture, instead had a warmth and comfort of tropical nature. Old and dim, the lights looked halfway into darkness.

With extreme pretence of calmness, Adrico glanced carefully at his parents. Their faces, trying to look, innocently calm, as their body still as a statue was trembling slightly. All of them watched on, the victims looking frozen, as if everyone like in Captain America: The First Avenger - just as Cap himself has done crashed the unstoppable jet into the ice which left him frozen, ready to be awoken in the distant future utopia. The parents stood up, looking hesitantly at their grown teenager, and slightly comforted by his acquired bravery and natural boldness, and carefully made their way to the personalised luxury of the bedroom. As Adrico carefully narrowed his eyes, rushing up to his bedroom, with his body and heart at rest, but his mind full of one thought. He switched on the lamp, and his mind surprisingly bright - after heavy reasoning and recent advice - he shook slightly, feeling faint sparks of electricity coursing through his nervous system.

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