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Dia is a character that I created, I just wanted to put some writing I did of him! Enjoy!

For his whole life, Dia denied being gay. When he first realized it, he blew it off and said the only reason he was having crushes on boys was because he was at an all-boys school. Obviously someone had to fill the slot. Eventually, when he switched to a co-ed school, he thought he would finally start liking girls- like a normal boy. But he didn't. He still liked boys. This confused him because there was no way that he could he be gay. Sure, he had never been interested in any girl since the day he was born, but that didn't mean anything. And he liked typically "girly" things like makeup, skirts, and dresses, but that also didn't mean anything. One time, he went to visit his foster sister (she had already moved out) and while he was there, she offered to put makeup on him- Dia noted that she was very good at it- but besides that, he loved the way it looked on him. Every time he would go over to her house, he would practice putting makeup on himself. She told him that it was okay for boys to be feminine and like makeup and that didn't mean that he was gay. He kept that in the back of his mind and kept telling himself that he wasn't gay and that he'll grow out of it. But, these feelings didn't go away. So, to try to combat that, every time he would think "gay" thoughts, he would beat himself on the head. In his eyes, it was the only way to "fix" himself. After Jaime and he became friends, he managed to get a girlfriend. He was so happy, more happy than anyone else would've been, but that didn't matter, he had a girlfriend, so that meant he wasn't gay! But when told Jaime, the first thing he said was, "oh, but I thought you were gay hermano." Dia was mortified.
"Why the hell would you think that?!" He screamed.
"Whoa, whoa, calm down," Jaime said, "there's nothing wrong with being gay."
"I-I know that... It's just that I'm not gay. I like women..." He stared down at his shoes.
Jaime stared at him for a moment. "You're not homophobic, are you?"
Dia gasped, "no of course not," he paused,"I'm straight thought." Jaime rolled his eyes, he thought that Dia just had a classic case of toxic masculinity. Little did he know...
Dia and his girlfriend broke up one week later. He broke up with her because she got mad at him for not wanting to kiss her. Every time she tried to kiss him, he would move out of the way. She angrily accused him of being gay which of course he shot down. When he told Jaime about the break up, he wanted to know why. Dia couldn't tell him that it was because he didn't want to kiss her. So he just didn't tell him why. Eventually, Jaime started to hear about the breakup around school and he heard that the reason why they broke up was because Dia was gay. he went to ask Dia about it, but when he did, Dia freaked out him again.
"I'm not gay...." He sighed, "look, the real reason we broke up was because...." He paused. Jaime gently patted him on the back. "It was because I didn't want to kiss her..." Jaime couldn't help it, he started laughing. He honestly thought that he was joking, but the look on his face told him that he wasn't.
"Oh.... De Verdad?" Dia nodded. "Why... Why not?"
"I don't know," Dia looked pretty close to crying. "But it's not because I'm gay."
"Okay I get it, you're not gay. You don't have to keep saying it." Jaime shook his head. Dia stared down at his shoes.

Deep down, Dia knew that he was going to have to come to terms with the fact that he was gay. There was literally no way that he was straight. It was impossible. He couldn't handle it, so he didn't go to school for a week because of how depressed he was. Jaime went to check on him.
"Hey hermano, ¿cómo estás?" Jaime said as he walked into Dia's room.
Dia sat up, he wasn't expecting anyone to come visit him. "Hey Jaime, ummm I'm g-good," he smiled nervously. "How are you?"
Jaime smiled, "I'm good." They spent the rest of the day talking.
About a month or so later, Jaime approached Dia nervously.
"Hey amigo..." He swallowed, "I-I-g-got something to tell yo-you."
Dia chuckled, "yeah, what is it?" He wondered why Jaime was stuttering as bad as he would.
"Well, I'm... I'm.... I'm bi," Jaime said. Dia's eyes widened comically. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Jaime broke the silence, "umm, I hope that this won't change anything between us. I just wanted to tell you because I, uh, really wanted to tell someone." He nervously smiled.
Dia smiled back, "yeah it's cool. Sorry I didn't say anything."
"Oh no, it's fine!" Jaime reassured. Dia smiled. Hearing that Jaime felt comfortable enough to come out to him, made him feel good.

Okay, today was the day. This was the day that Dia was going to tell Jaime that he was gay. He had to, he had been holding on to it for too long, and he needed to tell someone. He had finally accepted it for what it was. Jaime and him were in the library studying for an upcoming test. Surprisingly, there was no one else there. This was the perfect time to come out to Jaime.
He turned to Jaime, "Jaime, I'm going to tell you something, okay?"
"Okay, you can tell me anything." Jaime smiled. 'god Jaime had the most perfect smile.' he thought (gayly).
"Ok..." He took a deep breath. "I'm gay." He closed his eyes
"..." Jaime stared at him for a good minute before saying, "ok, I accept you, Dia." He put his hand over his.
He opened his eyes, "really?"
"Of course. And I'm proud of you for finally accepting yourself."
Jaime rolled his eyes, "Dia, you literally broke up with someone because she tried to kiss you. I kinda already knew. Plus, you would deny being gay pretty hard... So y'know." Dia smiled sheepishly. They sat in silence for about 5 mins while Jaime still held his hand over Dia's. Eventually, they both had to leave. After giving each other a long hug, they said their goodbyes.
That night, while laying in his bed, he played over the day's events in his head. 'He accepts me...' he smiled to himself.

Next came Dia's next problem.
Dia has always liked being feminine. It was so much nicer. He would see men on social media wearing makeup and skirts and dresses and nail polish and he really wanted to do all that. But he couldn't, well he couldn't at his house or at school. The only place he really felt safe was his foster sister's (but they don't talk often) and Jaime's. He didn't want Jaime to think badly of him, so he wasn't going to tell him about wanting to wear makeup and skirts. He had also heard of non binary people. He started doing a lot of research on gender identity. He didn't know why, but he was just so fascinated and interested. He wanted to know everything he could about it. He began thinking about his own gender identity. Well, it was confusing to say the least. Sometimes he felt like a girl (he thinks?), sometimes like nothing, and sometimes like a boy. He didn't like it. After a long struggle with his sexuality, he now had something else to deal with. At least now, he was more accepting of himself. He decided to just go with the umbrella term, "nonbinary." It just sounded right. Wait, then was he really gay? He had to be! Ok, he decided he wasn't going into that again.
'Ok, now what pronouns should I use?' he thought tapping on his chin. Well, he personally didn't mind any of them. He liked them all! Ok, this is great! He had himself completely figured out! 'now,' he thought, 'should I tell Jaime?' He didn't want to confuse or freak him out, but at the same time, he was always understanding. 'Ok I'm gonna tell him.'

"Hey Dia!" Jaime greeted, wrapping him into a hug. "How are you?"
"Estoy bien, what about you?" He responded.
Jaime nodded, "I'm good. Umm, I know this is kinda out of the blue, and kinda weird to ask this late into our friendship, but I wanted to ask, what pronouns do you use? I use he/him pronouns." He smiled nervously.
'Oh wow,' Dia thought, 'what amazing timing.' He hummed, "that's a good question, Jaime," he looked up in (pretend) thought, "I use any pronouns."
Jaime raised his eyebrows, "oh ok..." His eyes darted back and forth between him and the floor. "Does that mean you're nonbinary?"
"Yeah!" Dia exclaimed. He hit Jaime in the shoulder, "I was actually planning to tell you today!"
Jaime laughed, "I guess I have great timing, huh?"
"Yup, the best!" Dia chuckled. Jaime gently patted him on the back. They sat in silence (like they usually do) before Dia turned around and gave Jaime a bear hug. "Thank you," he whispered. Jaime hummed and threaded his fingers through his hair. He smiled into Jaime's chest.

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